Issue 23

Volume 6, Issue 23, 2017 (July – September)

(Issue Completed – Full Text Available)

Research Article

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) Concentrations in Roasted Plantain and Fish from Port Harcourt City, Rivers State, Nigeria

Nwineewii Jack Dumka and Kpee Friday

Keywords: Carcinogenic, mutagenic, roasted, plantain, fish, grill, ubiquitous, hydrocarbon, Port Harcourt, environment, location

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Research Article

A Study on Consumption Pattern of Meat In and Around Rural Locality of Gannavaram (Andhra Pradesh)

B. Eswara Rao, K. Bhaskar, E.Naga Mallika, Z. Naveen and R.S.D. Gupta

Keywords: Rural locality, consumer, consumption pattern, meat

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Research Article

Growth Performance and Biomass Productivity of Arundo donax in Wetlands of Kashmir Valley, India

F.M. Sofi, G.M. Bhat, M.A. Islam, P.A. Sofi, G.N. Bhat and J.A. Chopan

Keywords: Arundo donax, Growth, Biomass, Wetland, Tobacco pipe, Kashmir

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Review Article

Sowing Dates and Maturity Classes’ Cultivar Exaggerating the Direct Seeded Rice: A Review

Sucheta Dahiya, S. K. Kakraliya and Naveen

Keywords: Direct seeded rice, optimum planting time, maturity classes’ cultivar

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Research Article

Effect of Different Growing Media on Bulb Production of LA Hybrid Lily

Smita Rajera and Puja Sharma

Keywords: Sand, Soil, FYM, Cocopeat, Vermicompost

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Research Article

Effect of Phosphorus and Bio-inoculants on Yield and Yield Attributes in Summer Mungbean(Vigna radiata L.) (Wilszeck)

Vinod Kumar Yadav, D. P. Singh, Nagesh Yadav, Neelam Yadav

Keywords: Mungbean, Bio-inoculants, A. awamori, PSB, Yield and Yield Attributes

Article CS132048051 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of Treatments on Ber Slices under Green House Type Solar Dryer and their Quality Characteristics of Ber Powder

Ankit Singh, Jaivir Singh, Yogendra Singh, Shalini and Ravi Kumar

Keywords: Drying methods, dried ber, KMS, Sodium benzoate, packaging material

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Research Article

Correlation and Path Coefficient Analysis in Ash Gourd [Benincasa Hispida (Thunb) Cogn.] for Yield and Yield Attributing Traits

M. Manikandan, G. Mohamed Yassin, V. Kanthaswamy and S. Kamaladevi

Keywords: Ash gourd, Correlation coefficient, Direct and Indirect effects, Yield per vine

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Research Article

Effect of Cultural practices and Host Range on Powdery Mildew (Erysiphe polygoni) of Fenugreek, Trigonella foenum graecum L.

Rekha Kumawat, K. S. Shekhawat and Kavita Kumawat

Keywords: Sowing date, spacing, host range, powdery mildew, Fenugreek, Erysiphe polygoni

Article CS152048052 • PDF

Research Article

Application of Principal Component Analysis Based on In Vitro Antioxidant Capacity

Hitesh Kumar, Charanjit Kaur and Sarika Jaiswal

Keywords: Principal Component Analysis, Hierarchical cluster analysis, Correlation, Biplot, Antioxidant activity

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Research Article

Evaluation of Newer Insecticides aganist Brown Planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens (Stal.) Infesting Rice

Deekshita Konchada, Rama Rao V Chennamasetty and Sandhya Rani Choragudi

Keywords: Brown planthopper, pymetrozine, dinotefuran, sulfoxaflor

Article CS182048061 • PDF

Research Article

Impact of Integrated Nutrient Management on Seed Yield and Its Attributes in Field Pea (Pisum sativum L.)

Vineeta Pandey, O.S. Dahiya, V.S. Mor, Rajesh Yadav, Jitender, Ovais Hamid Peerzada, Archana Brar

Keywords: FYM, Vermicompost, Rhizobium, PSB

Article CS212048061 • PDF

Research Article

Isolation and Characterization of Phosphorus and Potassium Solubilising Microbes from Rhizosphere of Orchard Field and Its Effect on Seedling Growth of Broccoli (Brassica Oleracea Var. Italica L.)

Supriya Kumari, Pramod W. Ramteke, Vijay Bahadur, Rubina Lawrence and Harison Masih

Keywords: Biofertilizers, Microbes, Morphological, Broccoli, Seedlings

Article CS212048063 • PDF

Research Article

Fe3O4 Nano Particle Catalysed Spectrophotometric Method for the Quantification of Hydrogen Peroxide using Pyrocatechol and 3-Methyl-2 Benzothiazolinehydrazone Hydrochloride: Applications in Water, Vegetables and Milk samples

Kavya H Vrushabendra, Ravi Shankar H Sadashivanna, Nikhil Y Gangadhar, Anitha Basavanna, Pallavi C Shekar, Nandan S Ramalingappa, Neelambika L Rudramurthy, Atheeba Asra Banu, Praveenkumar Chennipura Basavaraju, Nelligere Arkeswaraiah Chamaraja

Keywords: Nano particle, Pyrocatechol, 3-Methyl-2 Benzothiazolinehydrazone Hydrochloride, Optical density

Article CS142048061 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of Weed Management Practices on Yield Attributes, Yield and Economics of Maize (Zea mays L.)

Tikendra K. Yadav, Ram S. Choudhary, Gajanand Jat, Dilip Singh and Nupur Sharma

Keywords: Maize, herbicides, yield attributes, yield, net returns, B:C ratio

Article CS242048055 • PDF

Review Article

Endangered Ornamental Plant Species in India and Strategy for Their Conservation- A Review

Sanchita Ghosh, M. Ganga, R. Ratna Priyanka and P. Manimaran

Keywords: Biodiversity, endangered ornamentals, conservation, RET List

Article CS282048052 • PDF

Research Article

Performance of Inter Specific Cotton Hybrids under Various Plant Geometries and Nutrient Levels

Harphool Meena, P.K.P. Meena and Bheru Lal Kumhar

Keywords: JKCHB-214, inter specific cotton, plant geometry and fertility levels

Article CS282048053 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of Iron Enrichment on Textural Properties of Rice Based Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) Fortified Extruded Snacks

Shraddha Bhople and Mohan Singh

Keywords: Extrusion Technology, rice flour (RF), blanched and dried spinach powder (BDSP), ashwagandha powder (AP), Response Surface Methodology, Textural Properties

Article CS302048051 • PDF

Research Article

Isolation and characterization of natural phytoconstituents from stem bark of Crataeva nurvala

Tek Chand Sharma, Anil Kumar Sharma, Pratibha Payal, Mahaveer Prasad Dobhal and Mahesh Chandra Sharma

Keywords: Crataeva nurvala, Crataeva genus, Biological activity, Natural compounds, Phytochemicals

Article CS202048051 • PDF

Research Article

Survey and Screening of Genotypes against Alternaria Solani Caused Early Blight of Tomato in Southern Part of Rajasthan

Rajendra Soni, V.K. Tanwar and S.M. Yadav

Keywords: Early blight, Alternaria solani, survey, screening, open field, Polyhouse

Article CS312048052 • PDF

Research Article

Biochemical Quantification of Transgenic Chickpea Lines and Correlation between Resistance/Susceptibility to Pod Borer, Helicoverpa Armigera

O Shaila, T. Ramesh Babu and D. Sridevi

Keywords: Transgenic chickpea lines, Helicoverpa armigera, Biochemical, Correlation, Resistance and Susceptiblity

Article CS012048062 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of Furrow Irrigated Raised Bed System and Irrigation Schedules on Soil Physical Properties of Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.) in Western Uttar Pradesh

Vipin Kumar Sagar, R.K.Naresh, Praveen Kumar Sagar, Vineet Kumar and Thaneshwar

Keywords: Furrow irrigated raised bed system, land configuration, bulk density, infiltration rate

Article CS032048062 • PDF

Review Article

Biosynthesis, Composition and Sources of Floral Scent in Ornamental Crops: A Review

Poonam Kumari, Sapna Panwar, Namita and Anjali Soni

Keywords: Floral scent, Herbivores, Pollination, Terpenes

Article CS072048061 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of Organic and Inorganic Nutrition on Fertility Status of Soil and Yield of Vegetable Cowpea

Annu Kanwar, S.R. Sharma, Kana Ram Yadav and G. L Yadav

Keywords: Mineral nutrient, organic manure and green pods yield of vegetable cowpea

Article CS072048062 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of Nitrogen and Bio-organics on Growth and Yield of Okra [Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench]

G. L. Yadav, S. P. Singh, O. P. Jitarwal, V. K. Yadav and R. Choudhary

Keywords: Okra, nitrogen, vermicompost, Azotobacter, growth and yield

Article CS082048061 • PDF

Research Article

Efficacy of Neem Based Insecticides in Combination with Conventional Insecticides for Managing Bemisia tabaci (Genn.) on Cotton under Haryana Condition

Krishna Rolania and Swati Mehra

Keywords: Bemisia tabaci, Nimbecidine, Ethion, Triazophos, Dimethoate

Article CS082048062 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of Biofertilizer and Farmyard Manure on Microbial Dynamics and Soil Health in Maize (Zea Mays L.) Rhizosphere

Amandeep Brar, S. K. Gosal and S. S. Walia

Keywords: Biofertilizer, FYM, non edible oil cakes, maize, yield

Article CS082048063 • PDF

Research Article

A Study on Livestock Status and Its Nutrient Requirement of Western Uttar Pradesh

Satyaveer Singh, Nazim Ali, Jagdeep Kumar and Hitesh Singh

Keywords: Livestock, Metabolic Energy and Crude Protein

Article CS092048061 • PDF

Research Article

Mechanisms and Strategies for Improving Drought Tolerance in Fruit Crops

Anjali Soni, Poonam Kumari, Sunita Dhakar and Neeraj Kumar

Keywords: Climate change, Abiotic stress, Drought tolerance, Strategies

Article CS092048062 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of NPK and Sulphur on Growth Attributes and Chlorophyll Content of Cauliflower (Brassica oleracea var. botrytis L.) variety Pusa Synthetic

Premraj Gocher, A.K. Soni, Arun Kumar Mahawar, S.P. Singh, Deepika Sharma and Bhawani Singh

Keywords: Cauliflower, NPK, sulphur, plant height, number of leaves, leaf area and chlorophyll content

Article CS092048063 • PDF

Review Article

Breeding for Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Ornamental Crops: A Review

Sunita Dhakar, Anjali Soni and Poonam kumari

Keywords: Abiotic stress, Hybridization, Mutation, Genetic engineering

Article CS112048061 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of Nitrogen and Vermicompost Interaction on Growth and Development of Kinnow Mandarin in Vertisols of Jhalawar District

Pawan Kumar Pareek, P. Bhatnagar and Subhash chander

Keywords: Kinnow, Nitrogen and Vermicompost

Article CS112048062 • PDF

Review Article

Biochar: A Tool for Mitigating Climate Change ‑ A Review

R Zahida, R Waseem, Kanth R H, Hafizullah, H Ashaq, S Parmeet, Pir F A, Saad A A, Singh Lal, M Amjad, Sheikh Tahir, B Shahid and N Aijaz

Keywords: Biochar, Climatic Change, Green House Gases, Carbon Sequestration

Article CS122048061 • PDF

Research Article

Influence of Tillage Practices and Supplemental Irrigation Options on Growth, Yield and Soil Biological Properties of Rainfed Bt Cotton

M. Saravanan and S. Jeyaraman

Keywords: Soil health, cotton, supplemental irrigation, tillage and yield

Article CS122048062 • PDF

Research Article

Effects of NPK Fertigation Onphysico-Chemical Attributes and Leaf Nutrient Status of Citrus Reticulata Blancocv. Kinnow

K. Karuna, Abhay Mankar, Vishal Nirgude, V. B. Patel and Rajni Sinha

Keywords: Citrus, Fertigation, Physico-chemical attributes and Leaf nutrient status

Article CS142048063 • PDF

Research Article

Impact of Nitrogen Application on Greenhouse Gas Emission from Flooded Rice Soils

Amita Raj, Arti Bhatia, Sandeep K. Malyan, Ritu Tomer, Bidisha Chakrabarti, Niveta Jain and Ram Kumar

Keywords: Global warming potential, Greenhouse effect, Methane, Nitrogen, Nitrous oxide, Rice

Article CS272048062 • PDF

Research Article

Comparative Efficacy of Natural Antioxidants on Physico-Chemical and Microbial Stability of Cooked Pork Patties during Refrigerated (4±1°C) Storage

G.V. Bhaskar Reddy, N. Anitha, Pavan Kumar and Y.R. Ambedkar

Keywords: Grape seed extract, green tea extract, storage stability, quality characteristics, pork Patties

Article CS152048061 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of Growing Media Mixtures on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Different Mango (Mangifera indica L.) Cultivars under Submountaineous Conditions of Punjab

Sukhjit Kaur

Keywords: Cultivars, Growing media, Mango, Seed germination, Seedling growth, Submountaineous conditions

Article CS152048062 • PDF

Research Article

Behaviour of Weeds under Non – Chemical Methods of Weed Management in Maize

Raja Priya Ravichandran and N. K. Prabhakaran

Keywords: Crop residue, Intercropping, Mulching, Weed control efficiency

Article CS172048061 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of Plant Growth Regulators and Different Growing Media on Shooting of (Momordica charanta L.) Cuttings under Mist Condition

C. Kumar, K. K. Nagar, S. Patil and S.K. Nagar

Keywords: Cutting, Growth regulators and growing media

Article CS232048061 • PDF

Research Article

Comparison between Pulsed and Static Magnetic Treatment for Enhancement of Germination Characteristics in Differentially Aged Maize Seeds

Vishwanath Sharma, Malavika Dadlani, Sudipta Basu, Anjali Anand and Firoz Hossain

Keywords: Maize, Pulsed and Static Magnetic treatment, Field performance, Leaf area, Vigour index

Article CS242048061 • PDF

Research Article

Preparation and Structural Properties of Fibrous Materials-Reinforced Polymer Composites

Rethinam Senthil, Nallathambi Gobi, Sundaramurthy Inbasekaran, Lawrence Edwinpaul and Robert Berly

Keywords: Composites, natural polymer, synthetic polymer, mechanical properties

Article CS252048062 • PDF

Research Article

Impact of Double Fortified Salt (DFS) Supplementation on the Nutritional Profile: Anaemic Adolescent Girls

Shikha Bathla and Kiran Grover

Keywords: Double fortified salt; iron status; anaemia; nutritional status; nutritional counselling

Article CS282048061 • PDF

Research Article

Altitudinal and Depth-wise Variation of Soil Physico-chemical Properties and Available Nutrients of Pear Orchards in Jammu & Kashmir, India

Sartaj A.Wani, G. R. Najar, Bilal A. Padder, F. Akhter and Subhash Chand

Keywords: Altitude, depth, nutrients, Pear orchards, physico-chemical properties

Article CS292048061 • PDF

Research Article

Integrated Application of Biofertilizers with different Fertilizers affects Soil Health in Pea Crop

Harleen Kaur, S. K. Gosal and S. S. Walia

Keywords: Consortium, FYM, nutrient availability, physico-chemical properties, rhizosphere

Article CS292048063 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of chain length on spectroscopic and acoustic behavior of Europium Carboxylates


Keywords: Europium carboxylates, IR Spectra Ultrasonic velocity and CMC Values

Article CS272048061 • PDF

Research Article

HCN Content and Forage Yield of Multi-Cut Forage Sorghum under Different Organic Manures and Nitrogen Levels

N. Karthika and R. Kalpana

Keywords: HCN, Forage sorghum, yield

Article CS302048061 • PDF

Research Article

Yield Attributes and Yield of Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.) as Influenced By Irrigation Scheduling and Organic Manures

H.P. Verma, O.P. Sharma, Rajesh Kumar, S.S. Yadav, A.C. Shivran and Balwan

Keywords: FYM, Irrigation Scheduling, RWC, Vermicompost, Wheat, WUE and Yield

Article CS012048071 • PDF

Research Article

Correlation and Path Analysis of Drought Tolerance Traits on Fruit Yield in Tomato (Solanum Lycopersicum L.) under Drought Stress Condition

Salvadora Buhroy, T. Arumugam, N. Manivannan, P. Irene Vethamoni and P. Jeyakumar

Keywords: Fruit yield, direct effect, indirect effect, drought stress, tomato yield

Article CS022048072 • PDF

Research Article

Comparative Assessment of Physico-Chemical Characteristics among Different Peach Cultivars under Mid Hill Conditions of Uttarakhand

Arun Kishor, Raj Narayan, Manoj Brijwal, Brij Lal Attri, Anil Kumar and Sovan Debnath

Keywords: Peach, cultivars, physico-chemical and quality

Article CS072048071 • PDF

Research Article

Crop Residue Management for Sustainable Production of Maize (Zea Mays) in Dryland Ecosystem

M. L. Jat, J. K. Balyan, Vivek Kumar, Y. S. Rathi, G.R. Chary and R.K. Sharma

Keywords: Crop residue incorporation, Farm-yard manure, Water use efficiency, Vertical mulch, Runoff and soil loss, Energy use efficiency, dehydrogenase, phosphatase

Article CS072048072 • PDF

Research Article

Exergy Analysis of a Reverse Stirling Cycle Cryogenerator for Generating Liquid Nitrogen

Debajyoti Roy Chowdhury and Swapan Chandra Sarkar

Keywords: Exergy analysis, Reverse Stirling cycle, Cryogenerator, Coefficient of Performance, Liquid Nitrogen generation

Article CS072048073 • PDF

Research Article

Endogenous Gibberellic Acids (GAs) Biosynthesis Is Tool to Characterization of Elongated Uppermost Internode (eui) Gene for Panicle Exsertion in Rice (Oryza sativa L.): A HPLC Method

R. Thangapandian, N. Manikanda Boopathi, A. Yuvaraja and A. Gopi Krishnan

Keywords: Gibberellic acid, Elongated uppermost internode, Panicle exsertion, Hybrid rice

Article CS102048071 • PDF

Research Article

Standardization of Drying Conditions for Production of Osmotically Dehydrated Whole Aonla Fruits

Shrishti Saxena, Amee Ravani, Svati Anadani, Vijay Darji, Dineshchandra Joshi

Keywords: Osmotic, ultrasonication, blanching, whole aonla, drying, shelf life

Article CS112048072 • PDF

Research Article

The Study of the Intermolecular Interactions of Mixed Solvents of Propylene Carbonate and Dimethylformamide for Magnesium Ion Battery

Okah Reminus, Abia A. A, Cookey G.A and Maduelosi N. J.

Keywords: Battery, ions, conductivity, viscosity, density, intermolecular interactions

Article CS142048073 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of Formulation on Quality of Bottle Gourd (L. Siceraria) Blend Juice

R. R. Gajera, D. C. Joshi and Amee Ravani

Keywords: Blend juice, pH, TSS, Ascorbic acid, Overall acceptability

Article CS132048071 • PDF

Research Article

Assessment of Concrete and Absolute Recovery from Different Farmers Landraces of Marigold (Tagetes Species) For Industrial and Breeding Programme

Veena Chaudhary and Mukesh Kumar

Keywords: Marigold, Tagetes species, concrete, absolute, essential oil

Article CS182048072 • PDF

Research Article

Development and Organoleptic Evaluation of Bread Formulated by using Wheat Flour, Barley flour and Germinated Fenugreek Seed Powder for Diabetics

Himani Lalit and Anita Kochhar

Keywords: Diabetes, barley flour, germinated fenugreek seeds, bread, sensory evaluation

Article CS182048073 • PDF

Research Article

Evaluation of Bioprimed Chilli Seeds under Salt Stress Condition

M. Ananthi, P. Selvaraju and K. Sundaralingam

Keywords: Bioprimed chilli seed, NaCl salt, germination, vigour

Article CS192048074 • PDF

Research Article

Impact of Furrow Gradient and Flow Retardance on Waterfront Advance and Irrigation Usage Efficiency under Surge Irrigation

Sujitha E and Senthilvel S

Keywords: Continuous Irrigation, Surge Irrigation, Water front advance, correction factor, Irrigation use efficiency

Article CS202048071 • PDF

Research Article

Correlation between the Incidence of Coriander Aphids (Hyadaphis Coriandri), Their Natural Enemies (Coccinellids) and Abiotic Factors of the Environment

Purti, Rinku and Anuradha

Keywords: Coriander, aphid, Hyadaphis coriandri, weather parameters, natural enemies

Article CS232048071 • PDF

Research Article

Assessment of Ground Water Quality Using Water Quality Index in Western Zone of Tamil Nadu, India

Angaleeswari M and A. Valliammai

Keywords: Physico-chemical, Monsoon, Irrigation, permissible limit, Industrial, waste disposal, rainfall

Article CS202048072 • PDF

Research Article

Comparison of Physical and Physiological Properties of Specialty Maize Inbred Lines

Vishwanath Sharma, Sudipta Basu, S.K. Lal, Anjali Anand, Firoz Hossain and A.D.Munshi

Keywords: Specialty maize, Physical and physiological properties, Rupture force, Germination percentage

Article CS222048071 • PDF

Research Article

Reduction of Cr(VI) by Bacillus megaterium Isolated from Sewage Treatment Plant

Karthika Velusamy, Kannan J, Siva Kumar U and Sara Parwin Banu K

Keywords: Bacillus megaterium, chromate reductase, chromium toxicity, sewage, enzyme activity

Article CS122048082 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of Pigments, Phenol Content and Postharvest Life on Application of Plant Growth Retardants in Celosia Spp.

Aparna Srinivasan, K.R. Rajadurai, S.P. Thamarai Selvi and P. Jeyakumar

Keywords: Celosia spp., foliar spray, CCC, paclobutrazol, daminozide

Article CS302048071 • PDF

Research Article

Conductivity and Viscosity Studies of Binary Mixtures of Dimethyl Carbonate and Dimethyl Sulphoxide Based Electrolyte for Li-Ion Battery at 298.15k

Edimeh Agatha I, Cookey Grace A, Maduelosi Jane N and Abia Augustine A

Keywords: Conductivity, Density, viscosity, dielectric constant, battery, solvents, dimethyl-Sulphoxide, electrolyte, ion-solvent interactions

Article CS192048071 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of Pretreatment and pH on Biohydrogen Production from Sago Industrial Effluent Containing Mixed Microbes

AM Nizzy, S Kannan and SB Anand

Keywords: Biohydrogen; Energy, Sago Industry, Effluent, Pretreatment, Fermentation, Anaerobe, Water displacement, Gas Chromatography, Carbohydrate consumption

Article CS232048084 • PDF

Research Article

Quality Properties of Wine from Three Varieties of North Indian Guava Fruit

Yogendra Singh, Samsher, Suresh Chandra and Nilesh Chauhan

Keywords: Wine, Guava, TSS, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Fermentation

Article CS092048081 • PDF

Research Article

Impact of Planting Geometry on Seed Quality of China aster Genotypes under Mid Hill Conditions of Uttarakhand

Vineeta Pandey, Neeraj Pandey and VK Rao

Keywords: China aster, germination, vigour index, genotype, spacing

Article CS182048074 • PDF

Research Article

Propagation Studies in Strawberry (Fragaria X Ananassa Duch.) Under Protected Conditions

Vivek Beniwal, Anil Kumar Godara, Prince and Sourabh

Keywords: Strawberry, Propagation, Ofra, Greenhouse, Naturally ventilated polyhouse, Shadenet house

Article CS102048073 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of Crop Regulation and Fertigation on Vegetative Growth of Guava (Psidium Guajava) CV. Sardar

A. Mahadevan, S. Kumar, V. Swaminathan, A. Gurusamy and T. Sivakumar

Keywords: Guava, Vegetative Characters, Pruning, Fertigation

Article CS192048072 • PDF

Research Article

Studies on Development of Protein Fortified Banana-Cactus Pear Mixed Fruit Bar

Mamta Patel and A. S. Kulkarni

Keywords: Banana, Cactus pear, Fruit Bar, Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC), Pectin, Sensory attributes, Texture Profile Analysis

Article CS242048072 • PDF

Research Article

Variations of Phytochemical Constituents of Plant Extracts of Cassia Fistula and Salvadora Persica

Mukhan Wati and M. Khabiruddin

Keywords: Cassia fistula; Salvadora persica; total phenolics; antioxidant activity

Article CS252048071 • PDF

Research Article

Biochemical Behaviour of Potato Tubers during Storage

Vineeta Pandey, Vandana A. Kumar and Archana Brar

Keywords: potato, reducing sugar, starch, storage

Article CS282048071 • PDF

Research Article

Determination of Nitrogen Transformation of Fipronil 5 % w/v SC in Loamy Sand Soil under laboratory condition

Tentu Nageswara Rao, Aalaysam Vijayalakshmi, SNVS Murthy, S Seshamma and Kari Apparao

Keywords: Nitrogen Transformation, Loamy sand soil, HPLC, LOQ, Fipronil 5% w/v

Article CS292048071 • PDF

Research Article

Biocompatibility of Poly(Lactic-Co-Glycolic Acid) – Graphene Oxide Nanoplatelets Composite Using Cryopreserved Human Stem Cells

Biswadeep Chaudhuri, B. Mondal, D Bhadra and S. C. Sarkar

Keywords: Biomaterial, Graphene oxide, Myoblust, Stem cells, Polymer nanocomposite, Tissue engineering

Article CS292048074 • PDF

Research Article

Isolation, Identification and Culturing of Native Strains of Entomopathogenic Nematodes (Epns), Steinernema spp. and Heterorhabditis spp. From Different Parts of Haryana

Babita Kumari, Sewak Ram, Anil Kumar and Vinod Kumar

Keywords: Entomopathogenic nematodes, Galleria mellonella, Culturing, Heterorhabditis spp., isolation, Steinernema spp

Article CS132048081 • PDF

Research Article

Influence of Storage Duration and Storage Temperature on in-vitro Pollen Viability of Citrus Species

Shahnawaz Ahmed, H.S. Rattanpal, Eajaz Ahmad and Gurteg Singh

Keywords: Citrus, In-vitro, Pollen, Species, viability

Article CS292048072 • PDF

Research Article

Development of a Coaxial Dual Cylinder Apparatus for Measurement of Thermal Conductivity of Food Grains

Ganesh Upadhyay, Khan Chand, Neeraj Kumar and Gulshan Kumar Malik

Keywords: Thermal conductivity, Wheat, Paddy, Bengal gram, Black gram

Article CS292048082 • PDF

Research Article

Influence of Indole-3-Butyric Acid on Rooting Efficacy in Different Carnation (Dianthus Caryophyllus L.) Genotypes under Protected Condition

Prince, Arvind Mailk and Vivek Beniwal

Keywords: Carnation, genotype, Indole-3-butyric acid, rooting per cent, root length

Article CS102048081 • PDF

Research Article

Serum Biochemical Parameters of Brucella Infected Rams

KV Rajiv Kishore, P Sudheer and C Pavan Kumar

Keywords: Brucellosis, RBPT, ALT, AST, BUN, Glucose, Cholesterol, Total Protein

Article CS282048081 • PDF

Research Article

Accumulation of Heavy Metals in Vegetables Grown in Long Term Sewage Irrigated Soil of Allahabad Region and Its Impact on Human Health

Meenakshi Singh, Arun A. David, Tarence Thomas and Uzma Nadeem

Keywords: Heavy metals, Sewage effluent, Daily intake, vegetables, soil, accumulation, human health, industrial water, agricultural land, irrigation, contamination

Article CS242048082 • PDF

Research Article

Influence of Processing Factors on Beany Flavor, Trypsin Inhibitor and Colour of Soymilk

P.K. Omre, Javeed Akhtar, Kuldeep and Prateek Singh

Keywords: soymilk, beany flavour, trypsin inhibition activity, colour

Article CS302048086 • PDF

Research Article

Assessment of Genetic Variation in Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) Germplasm on Correlation, Path analysis and Cluster Analysis

Chandan Singh Ahirwar, D. K. Singh and M. L. Kushwaha

Keywords: Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.), Correlation, Path analysis cluster analysis & inter and intra centroids

Article CS192048081 • PDF

Research Article

Storage Stability of Vacuum and Conventional Packed Dried Meat Product

Javeed Akhtar, P.K. Omre, P.K. Singh and Anil Kumar

Keywords: Chicken meat, vacuum packaging, microbiological attributes and fat content

Article CS302048087 • PDF

Research Article

Influence of Growth Hormones on Hardwood Cutting of Bougainvillea cv. Dr H. B. Singh

Babita Singh, S. S. Sindhu, Harendra Yadav and N. K. Saxena

Keywords: Bougainvillea, IBA, NAA, Growth regulators, ppm, Rooting hormone

Article CS082048081 • PDF

Review Article

Innovations in Oil Spill Clean-up Techniques

Aminu D. Usman and Linus N. Okoro

Keywords: Bioremediation, Crude Oil, Nanotechnology, Oil Spill, Sorbent, Techniques

Article CS282048072 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of Chloride and Sulphate Dominated Salinity on Seed Germination and Early Seedling Growth of Senna (Cassia angustifolia Vahl.)

Suman Bala and U. K. Varshney

Keywords: Cassia angustifolia, salinity, seedlings, seed germination and seedling vigour

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Research Article

Impact of elevated carbon dioxide and different nitrogen doses on grain quality of rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Amita Raj and Archana Sanyal

Keywords: Climate change, Elevated CO2, Free-air CO2 enrichment (FACE), Grain quality, Rice (Oryza sativa L.), Nitrogen levels

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Research Article

Biochemical Basis of Resistance in Brinjal Genotypes Against Shoot and Fruit Borer (Leucinodes Orbonalis, Guenee)

Showket. A. Dar, Ab. R. Wani; Bashir. A. Rather and Ajaz A.Kandoo

Keywords: Biochemical, Resistance, Brinjal, Leucinodes Orbonalis

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Research Article

Resistance against Insect Pests by Plant Phenolics and their Derivative Compounds

Showket A. Dar, Bashir A. Rather; Abdul R. Wani and Mushtaq A.Ganie

Keywords: Phenol, Resistance, Interaction, Brinjal, Biotic

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Research Article

Influence of Environmental Factors on Downy Mildew (Peronospora Trigonella Gauman) Development of Fenugreek (Trigonella Foenum-Graecum L.)

Maju Jat, R. G. Jat and Rekha Kumawat

Keywords: Meteorological parameters, influence, fenugreek, downy mildew, Peronospora trigonella

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Research Article

Identification of Okra Genotypes for Yellow Vein Mosaic Virus and Fruit Borer

Vineeta Pandey, Arvind Kumar and Durvesh Kumar Singh

Keywords: okra, YVMV, genotypes, picking

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Research Article

Storage Study of Danadar Prepared from Cow Milk

B.K. Singh, D.C. Sen, Rakesh Kumar, Binita Rani and A.K. Barman

Keywords: Danadar, Storage, Ambient, Refrigerated Temperature

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Research Article

Genetic variability of Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) genotypes to varied levels of phosphorus under rainfed condition of Jharkhand

Birendra Kumar,  Naresh pd. Yadav and  Uday kumar singh

Keywords: Cowpea, genotypes, Phosphorus levels, Variability and Crude protein

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Research Article

Dry Matter Accumulation, Partitioning and Nitrogen Uptake of Transplanted Rice under Varied Plant Densities and Nitrogen Levels

Swarna Ronanki, Leela Rani P, Madhavi A, Sreenivas G and Raji Reddy D

Keywords: Dry matter, Nitrogen uptake, Plant densities, partitioning, Rice

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Research Article

Qualitative Losses in Nutritional Contents of Pleurotus sajor-caju (Oyster mushroom) in both Compost and Fruiting Body by Tyrophagus putrescentiae (Acari: Acaridae) at different Infestation Levels

Komal Duhan, Rachna Gulati, Arvind Malik and Surjeet Singh

Keywords: Compost, Fruiting body, Pleurotus sajor-caju, Tyrophagus putrescentiae

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Research Article

Growth Parameters Contributing to Increased Drought Tolerance Responses in Amaranthus (Amaranthus tricolor L.) under Elevated Carbon Dioxide

Dheeraj Chatti, R.V. Manju

Keywords: Climate change, Global warming, Elevated CO2, Water stress, Growth parameters, Drought tolerance

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Research Article

Physiological Basis of Varietal Responses of Amaranthus (Amaranthus tricolor L.) to Water Stress Conditions and their Modifications under Elevated CO2 Environments

Dheeraj Chatti, R.V. Manju

Keywords: Climate change, Global warming, Elevated CO2, water stress, Drought tolerance

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Research Article

Packaging Influences Antioxidants and Antioxidative Enzyme Activities of Tomato during Storage under Refrigerated Conditions

Surekha Bhatia, Reetinder Kaur and Parampreet Kaur

Keywords: Antioxidative enzymes, ascorbic acid, lycopene, modified atmosphere packaging, phenolics, shelf life, tomatoes

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Review Article

Effect of Antioxidant Activity of Horticulture Crops for Human Health

Hitesh Kumar and Gaurav Kant

Keywords: Fruits, Vegetables, Phenolic, Flavonoids, Antioxidant activity, Diseases

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Research Article

Evaluation of Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) Genotypes for Horticultural Traits

S. L. Narolia, M.L. Meena, M. K. Atal and Niharika verma

Keywords: Fenugreek, genotypes/lines, seed weight, morphological and seed yield per plant (g)

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Research Article

Carbon Dioxide Enrichment Induced Drought Tolerance Responses in Amaranthus (Amaranthus tricolor L.)

Dheeraj Chatti, R.V. Manju

Keywords: Climate change, Global warming, Elevated CO2, water stress, Drought tolerance, antioxidants, oxidative stress

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Research Article

Physiological and Molecular Analyses of Drought Tolerance Responses in Amaranthus (Amaranthus tricolor L.) under Elevated Carbon Dioxide Environments

Dheeraj Chatti, R.V. Manju

Keywords: Climate change, Global warming, Elevated CO2, Water stress, Drought tolerance, Antioxidants, Reducing sugars, Free amini acid

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Research Article

Impact of Subclinical and Clinical Mastitis on ALP & AP Changes in Sheep Milk

S Paithane, M Khodke, P Rathod, N Bhojane, M Gole and M Wade

Keywords: ALP, AP, CMT, Sheep, Milk

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Research Article

Styrene-DVB Copolymers: Influence of Cyclohexanol and 1-Butanol on Matrix Structure

Rajendra V. Patil, Jagdish U. Chavan, Milind K. Patel and Anil G. Beldar

Keywords: Diluents, Copolymerization, Synthesis, Surface area, Swelling

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Research Article

Effectiveness of Artificial Recharge Structures in Enhancing Groundwater Quantity and Quality

S Thangamani, P Karthikeyan and A Raviraj

Keywords: Artificial recharge, Groundwater quality, Check dam

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Research Article

Development and Organoleptic Evaluation of Nutritious Bars by Using Defatted Peanut Flour, Roasted Soybean Seeds for Gym Trainees

Payal Garg and Jaswinder Kaur Brar

Keywords: Nutritional bar, defatted peanut flour, organoleptic evaluation, resistance exercise

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Research Article

Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium Dynamics in Soil under Drip and Micro Sprinkler Fertigation and Its Effects on Turmeric Yield

H. A. Archana and N. Maragatham

Keywords: Nutrient, dynamics, evaporation, turmeric, yield

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Research Article

Utilization of Genetic Variability for Yield Improvement in Indian mustard (Brassica Juncea L.) Under Medium Land Condition

Naresh prasad Yadav, Birendra Kumar and Uday Kumar Singh

Keywords: Genetic variability, Indian mustard, Heritability, Genetic advance and correlation

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