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Why Publish Books?

Publication of books provides the scientific and professional communities with superior specialist information. Publishing books is one of the basic requirement for academic promotions and added advantage for direct recruitments as per UGC’s new rules for promotions from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor to Professor. And it is an additional credit for master’s and doctoral research students.  As well as it is a common requirement for project proposals and other academic credits.

Why Publish Books with Us?   

  • Publishes with ISBN number
  • Publish your book chapters for free of charge
  • Published books are available in Amazon
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  • Chemical Science Review and Letters has a global readership from 100+ countries
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Article Processing Fee for Book Manuscripts

  • Publication of book chapters is free of charge. Authors need to buy the books.
  • For Books – Rs.3500/- per book (upto 120 pages, 5 color figures and unlimited tables)

The publisher welcomes the authors to submit book chapters on any discipline of science, engineering and technology.

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Call for Book Chapters

Title: Advanced Functional Materials for Energy Applications

Editor: Sabariswaran Kandasamy

ISBN: 978-81-953645-5-8
Publisher: Rika Books, Salem
Deadline for submission of chapter: 25.08.2021

2. Title: Advanced Functional Materials for Environmental Applications
Editors: Mathiyazhagan Narayanan, Sabariswaran Kandasamy
Publisher: Rika Books, Salem

Deadline for submission of chapter: 25.08.2021

3. Title: Advanced Functional Materials: For Food, Energy, Environment, and Health
Editors: Sabariswaran Kandasamy, Mathiyazhagan Narayanan
Publisher: Daiichi Books, Salem
ISBN: 978-81-953645-2-7


Manuscript Preparation and Submission
Authors are requested to prepare the book manuscript at par with the Author Guidelines. Generally, the manuscripts submitted for book publication have no page restrictions. All the manuscripts must be submitted in the form of ‘.doc’ (using Microsoft word) only. Other forms of the manuscripts will not be accepted for submission. Use standard fonts, e.g.Times New Roman, single column with single line space for all sections of the manuscript, 1 inch margin all sides, unless otherwise mentioned. The authors should submit the manuscripts to

Title Page
The title of the manuscript should be brief and informative. Avoid using a more generalized caption. The title of the manuscript should be type in 14-font size, bold, in Times New Roman. Title page should include full names (First name and Last name) of the authors along with their affiliation. The corresponding author should be marked with asterisk (*) mark and be given contact details including email ID, phone number (and fax, if any).

Abstract should give the overall results of the work in a concise manner. Do not list up the instruments used for the experiments, instead briefly mention about the results and applications. An ideal abstract should be written within 100–150 words.

Main Text
The book can be in nature of review of an research area, experimental results, or experimental results as book chapter contributed in several chapters by different authors. Therefore, the authors are suggested to use suitable tables and figures and other illustrations as desired to enrich your book.

Tables and figures
All figures and tables should be included in the manuscript at appropriate places. Do not incorporate any text within the figure, unless otherwise necessary. Figures should be prepared with at least of 300 dpi resolution. At the time of publication, the author(s) may be asked for ‘jpg’ or ‘tiff’ format files of the figures. The tables should be prepared using ‘Table’ option in MS Word. Do not use spacebar or tab key to prepare tables. Please note that no figures or tables from other articles or books shall be used without prior copyright permission. The authors of the chapters are solely responsible for any copyright infringement or plagiarism.

References to the main text must be numbered in sequence and typed in square brackets in line with the text before any punctuation. For example, “….early report by Marsh [1]”. All the references should adhere to journal’s format given below.

[1] P. C. Hiemenz, R. Rajagopalan, Colloid and Surface Chemistry, Marcel Dekker, New York, 1997, p290.

Book Compilations
[2] S. Kim (Ed.), Bioceramics, Chapter I, Surface Characterization of Apatite, Y. Enari, S. Baroth, M. Rossi, Blackwell publishers, New York, 2001, p123-421.

[3] I. Efimov, J. Basran, X. Sun, N. Chauhan, S. K. Chapman, C. G. Mowat, E. L. Raven, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2012, 1, 123.

[4] G. Hall, Methods for Drug Delivery, US Patent, 1989, 3478982.

Review Process
A submitted book manuscript is sent to the Editor of the Book. After review, the Editorial comments will be sent to the authors by the publishers for improvement of the chapter. The review process takes place for 15 working days.

Revision and Acceptance
Depending upon the comments of the Editors, the manuscript is sent for revision. The revised manuscript should be submitted within the specified period. The manuscripts with flaws and plagiarisms will be rejected. An accepted article directly goes for publication. The authors may be contacted frequently by the publishing or proof reading team for corrections or formatting of the manuscript, if any. The Editor/Admins reserve the rights to either accept or reject the manuscripts.

Terms and Conditions
Even though the publisher takes every step to ensure the correctness of the published material, the publisher or the Editors are not responsible for any incorrect/inappropriate descriptions given by in the chapters. The authors are solely responsible for these type errors. Therefore, the authors those who submit their manuscripts for book publication agree by default that the authors fully aware of the terms and conditions and are solely responsible for any copyright infringement or plagiarism issue. The readers whoever come across any ethical issues may kindly contact the Managing Editor at