Issue 50 (Current Issue)

Volume 13, Issue 50, 2024 (April – June)

Articles in Press

Research Article
Effect of coating formulations and packaging perforation on biochemical properties of litchi under ambient storage conditions
Jogdand S.M., Lal R.L., Misra K.K. Singh Omveer, Kate A.E.
Keywords:Litchi, α-Tocopherol, Salicylic acid, Perforation, Biochemical.
DOI:10.37273/chesci.cs205502241 • PDF

Research Article
Optimization of the extraction of antioxidant compounds from Hibiscus Petal Tea
SG Mengade, SM Jogdand, GB Kadam, MB Shete, AA Bhagat
Keywords: Hibiscus tea, ABTS, DPPH, Organoleptic analysis
DOI:10.37273/chesci.cs205503131 • PDF

Research Article
Effect of different nitrogen doses and calcium sprays on bio-chemical and antioxidant characteristics of peach
Kamal Kumar Pande and D.C. Dimri
DOI:10.37273/chesci.cs20550415 • PDF

Review Article
Uses, Nutrient composition, bioactive compounds and drug- interactions of grapefruit cultivars: A review
Richika Gupta, Neerja Singla, Monika Gupta and Ravneet Kaur
Keywords: grapefruit, antioxidant, flavonoids, drug- nutrient interaction
DOI:10.37273/chesci.cs205503251 • PDF