Issue 47

Volume 12, Issue 47, 2023 (July – September) (Completed)

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Research Article
Study on Some Yield and Biochemical Attributes of Four Varieties of Strawberry (Fragaria X Ananassa Duch) Under Jhalawar Condition of Rajasthan
Indira Yadav, Jitendra Singh and I. B. Maurya
Keywords: Strawberry, Winter Dawn, Sweet Charlie, Fortuna, Eliyana, Yield, biochemical attributes
DOI:10.37273/chesci.cs205305478 PDF

Research Article
Toxocariosis in a Puppy – Study of Haemato-Biochemical and Histopathological Changes
Venkata Pavan Tanguturi, Syed Moise, Sirigireddy Sivajothi and Bhavanam Sudhakara Reddy
Keywords: Toxocara canis, Dog, Intestinal obstruction, Histopathology
DOI:10.37273/chesci.cs205406221 PDF

Research Article
Nutrition and Health Benefits of Indigenous Fruits from African Tropical Trees (Baobab, Tamarind, Jamun and Smelly Berry)
Caresma Chuwa and Anju Dhiman
Keywords: Chronic diseases, indigenous fruits, malnutrition, micronutrient deficiency.
DOI:10.37273/chesci.cs205406605 PDF

Research Article
Yeast Protein: Novel and Alternative Protein in Food Applications
Daman Preet Kour, Monika Sood, Neeraj Gupta, Jagmohan Singh, Anju Bhat, Julie D Bandral, Monica Reshi, Seerat Gupta and Ankita Choudhary

Keywords: single cell protein, proteins, food, waste

DOI:10.37273/chesci.cs205407607 PDF

Review Article
Biofertilizer and Organic Manures in Strawberry Production: A Review
Anupam Singh, Md Abu Nayyer, Amrit Kumar Singh, Rizwan Ali and Sarfaraz
Keywords: Strawberry, organic manure, biofertilizer, integrated nutrient management
DOI:10.37273/chesci.cs205306486 PDF

Research Article
Comparative Study of Kinetic oxidation of D-Glucose and D-Fructose by N-Bromosaccharin in Aqueous Acetic Acid medium in the presence of CTAB
Rekha Lagarkha, Amit Kumar Raykwar, Aishwarya Yadav, Prakash Chandra, Ramesh Kumar
Keywords: N-Bromosaccharin, D-Glucose, D-Fructose, CTAB, Kinetic oxidation, Stoichiometry
DOI:10.37273/chesci.cs205405591 PDF

Research Article
Effect of Freeze-Thaw Cycle on Microbiological Quality of Chicken Meat
Santosh Virkar, Sanjaykumar Londhe, Dipali Patil, Rupesh Waghmare and Sandeep Rindhe
Keywords: Chicken meat, Freeze-thaw cycle, Microbiological quality, Salmonella
DOI:10.37273/chesci.cs205407608 PDF