Issue 29

Volume 8, Issue 29, 2019 (January – March)

Research Article

Effect of Different Media, pH and Temperature on Growth and Sclerotia Formation of Sclerotium rolfsii Sacc. causing Collar rot of Lentil

Shiva Kant Kushwaha, Sanjeev Kumar, Balkishan Chaudhary and Ravit Sahu

Keywords: Media, pH, temperature, S. rolfsii, Collar rot, Lentil

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Research Article

Determination of Lethal Dose for Ethyl Methane Sulphonate induced mutagenesis in Jasmine

Sanchita Ghosh and M. Ganga

Keywords: Induced mutagenesis, Jasminum, Probit analysis, EMS

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Research Article

Estimation of Genetic Variability in Jatropha Curcas L. Genotypes for Vegetative Traits and Seed yield

Bhawesh Joshi, MK Nautiyal, Leela Bhatt, Vikas Mangal and Vandana Naithani

Keywords: Genetic Variability, Vegetative Traits, Jatropha curca, Seed yield

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Research Article

Aminomethylation, Structure and Biological activity of the new Mannich base and its Transition metal Complexes Derived from Isoindole-1, 3 (2H)–dione

A Balakrishnan and A Sankar

Keywords: Mannich base, Phthalimide, transition metal complex, antibacterial activity

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Research Article

Extent of Heterosis for Yield and its Contributing Traits in High Yielding Varietal Crosses of Brassica Juncea L.

Rashmi, Neha Dahiya, Mahak Tufchi, Darshana Bisht, Ram Bhajan and Usha Pant

Keywords: Heterosis, Combining ability, Brassica Juncea

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Research Article

Influence of Drip fertigation on Soil NPK status of aonla ((Emblica officinalis) Gaertn.) cv. NA-7

P. M. Suresh, S. Kumar, V. Swaminathan, A. Gurusamy and T. Shivakumar

Keywords: Aonla, Drip fertigation, Soil NPK, Vegetative, Flowering and Harvesting

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Research Article

Determination of Gene Action and Some Genetic Parameters for Yield and its Contributing Characters in Brassica Juncea L.

Neha Dahiya, Rashmi, Mahak Tufchi and Ram Bhajan

Keywords: Narrow sense heritability, Degree of dominance, Predictability ratio, s2A, and s2D

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Research Article

Sensory Evaluation, Nutritional Characteristics and Shelf Life of Oat Based Gluten Free Instant Porridge

Bhawna Mehta and Sudesh Jood

Keywords: Instant mixes, sensory evaluation, functional properties, nutritional composition, shelf life

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Research Article

Protein Profile During Peripartum Period in Berari Goat

Sunita Bhoite, Mohini Khodke, Santosh Dalvi and Durgesh Golher

Keywords: Albumin, Berari goat, Globulin, Kidding, Total protein, Peripartum period, Post-partum and Protein Profile

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Research Article

Preformance of Autumn Planted Sugarcane Genotypes in Sodic Soil

PM Chaudhari, KC Ombase, SK Ghodke, DS Bhoite, and AV Solanke

Keywords: Sugarcane genotype, Sodic, RLWC, SPAD, CCS and Yield

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Research Article

Performance of Sugarcane Var. Com 0265 with Different Row and Intra-Row Spacing

PM  Chaudhari,  KC Ombase, SK Ghodke,  SU Deshmukh, DS Bhoite and AV Solanke

Keywords: Sugarcane, Cane, Row spacing and Yield

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Research Article

Role of Some Steroidogenic Hormones in Fish Reproduction

N. Soranganba and I. J. Singh

Keywords: Testosterone, estradiol, progestogens, corticosteroid, fish reproduction

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Research Article

Optimization of Drying Time and Temperature for Preparation of Antioxidant Rich Vegetable Powders from Unconventional Leafy Greens

Nidhi Joshi, Kiran Bains and Harpreet Kaur

Keywords: Vegetable leaf powder, optimization, drying time, drying temperature, antioxidant activity, bioactive compounds

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Research Article

Yield Performance of Castor Hybrid (YRCH 1) to Different Crop Geometry levels Under SCI Practices

M Daisy and N Thavaprakaash

Keywords: Castor YRCH 1, primary receme, crop geometry, system of crop intensification

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Research Article

Assessment of Shelf Life of Japanese Quail meat Nuggets Using Finger Millet Flour (Eleusine coracana) During Refrigerated Storage

Prashant Shinde, S.V. Londhe, Chandrika Choudhary, Prabhawati Bhumre and Amey Nemade

Keywords: Finger millet flour, Japanese quail meat nuggets, Low density polyethylene, Refrigerated storage

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Research Article

Phenolic profiling of fruit extracts: A discriminative peak analysis through diode array detection in HPLC analysis

Ph. Baleshwor Sharma, K. Chandradev Sharma, Pratap Jyoti Handique and Huidrom Sunitibala Devi

Keywords: RP-HPLC-PDA, Retention factor, Separation factor, Phenolic profile, Wild fruits

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Research Article

Physiological Responses of Chickpea (Cicer Arietinum) Genotypes to Drought Stress

Ekta Verma, Jayanti Tokas and H.R.Singal

Keywords: Chickpea, drought, genotypes, osmotic, physiological

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Research Article

Miceller Behaviour of Non-Ionic Surfactant Tween-20 in Presence of Myo-Inositol at Different Temperatures by Surface Tension

Rajendra Chautmal, T. J. Patil, V. B. Jadhav, Premchand Patil and Dhiraj Nikam

Keywords: Critical Micelle Concentration (CMC), Tween-20 (TW-20), maximum surface excess concentration (Γmax), maximum area per molecule (Amin).

Article CS252049091 • PDF

Research Article

Phenology and Heat Unit Requirement of Wheat under Different Thermal Environments Irrigation and Fertility Levels at Jabalpur Condition of Madhya Pradesh

Princy Jain, K. K. Agrawal, Manish Bhan and A. K. Shrivatava

Keywords: Grain yield, GDD, HTU, Irrigation schedules, fertility levels, PTU, sowing time, Temperature, Wheat

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Research Article

Influence of Organic Manures on the Growth and Yield of Foxtail Millet [Setaria Italica (L.) Beauv]

G Priya and K Sathyamoorthi

Keywords: Organic foxtail millet, FYM, Goat Manure, Vermicompost, Biogas slurry, panchagavya

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Research Article

Variation of Bulk and Basic Density among Two Thornless Bamboos across Agroclimatic Regions in Tamil Nadu, India

N Krishnakumar, S Umesh Kanna and KT Parthiban

Keywords: Bulk density; Basic density; Thornless bamboos; Agroclimatic regions; Bambusa bambos

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Research Article

Effect of integrated nutrient management on soil physical properties using Soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merill) as indicator crop under temperate conditions

Aziz M.A, Tahmina Mushtaq, Mushtaq Ahmad, Eajaz Ahmad Dar, S S Mahdi,
A M I Qureshi, and I A Jahangir

Keywords: INM, Inorganic fertilizers, Organic manures, Soil properties, Soybean

Article CS142049111 • PDF

Research Article

Cumin: The Flavour of Indian Cuisines-History, Cultivation and Uses

Eajaz Ahmad Dar, M Mehdi, Mushtaq Ahmad, Faisal Nabi Bhat, Nazeer Hussain, Mansoor Hussain, Mohammad Amin Bhat, Nuzhat Hassan, Sabiya Asmat, Tahmina Mushtaq, Aziz M A and Fayaz Ahmad Bahar

Keywords: Zeera, History, Cultivation, Uses

Article CS152049111 • PDF

Research Article

Formulation of Mathematical Model for Investigation of Parameters of Coconut De-Shelling Machine

Sahildeep Singh, Sumit Chopra, and Sukhpreet Kaur

Keywords: Coconut shell opener, design of shaft, Gear design

Article CS092049101 • PDF

Research Article

Evaluation of physical properties of oat grain (avena sativa)

Chandan Solanki, Mridula D and R. K. Gupta

Keywords: Oat; Physical property; Moisture content; Geometric dimensions; machine design

Article CS142049101 • PDF