Issue 40

Volume 10, Issue 40, 2021 (October-December)

Full Text and Articles in Press

Research Article

Influence of Meteorological Parameters on Pod Borer Incidence in Pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan (L) Millsp.)
M. Sreekanth, P. Venkata Rao and M.V. Ramana
Keywords: Maruca vitrata, Pigeonpea, Population, Seasonal incidence, Spotted pod borer,
Weather parameters
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205110043v PDF

Review Article
Intelligent Packaging for Food: A Review
VM Sejani and NK Dhamsaniya
Keywords: Indicators, Intelligent packaging, RFID, Sensors
DOI:10.37273/chesci.cs205205359 PDF

Research Article

Multivariate analysis in blackgram (Vigna mungo (L.)) based on quantitative traits
J. Sateesh Babu, M.V.Ramana, Lal Ahmad, M.Adinarayana and V. Srinivasa Rao
Keywords: Genetic divergence, Mahalanobis D2 statistics, Principal component analysis, Blackgram
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205110022v PDF

Research Article

Nutraceutical Properties and Pharmaceutical Applications of Grain and Seeds: A Critical Review
Suman Sangwan, Lalita Singh, Susheel Gulati, Suryapal Singh and Harshita Singh
Keywords: Seeds, grains, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs2051101009v • PDF