Issue 5

Volume 2, Issue 5, 2013

Research Article

5-(1-Pyrrolyl)-thieno[2,3-d]pyrimidine as Building Block in Heterocyclic Synthesis: Synthesis of some new 6-Substituted 5- (1-pyrrolyl)-thieno[2,3-d]pyrimidines and 5(4)-Substituted pyrimido- [2,3:4,5]thieno[2,3-e]pyrrolo[1,2-a]pyrazine Derivatives

Yuh Wen Ho

Keywords: Diazotization, 6-azidocarbonyl-5-(1-pyrrolyl)-thieno[2,3-d]pyrimidine, Curtius rearrangement, 6-substituted 5-(1-pyrrolyl)-thieno[2,3-d]pyrimidines, 5(4)-substituted 4-oxo-pyrimido[2,3:4,5]thino[2,3-e]pyrrolo[1,2-a]pyrazine
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Research Article
Purification and Characterization of Fibrinolytic Enzyme Produced from Bacillus lichniformis B4

Essam F. Al-Juamily and Bushra H. Al-Zaidy

Keywords: Fibrinolytic enzyme, Bacillus lichniformis B4, Purification, molecular weight
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Research Article
Egg shell powder as the Precursor for the Synthesis of nano crystalline Calcium Stannate (CaSnO3) with Orthorhombic Perovskite structure: Exploration on Phase, Morphology and Antioxidant property

Sethumadhavan Sudhaparimala, Arumugam Gnanamani and Asit Baran Mandal

Keywords: CaSnO3, Orthorhombic, Perovskite, eggshell powder, nanocrystalline
Article CS09204306 • PDF

Research Article
Antihyperlipidemic Effects of Resvertrol and its derivative on alloxan Diabetic rabbits

Essam F.Al-Jumaily, Zuhair A. Shafiqand Redha I. Al-Bayati

Keywords: Antidiabetic , antihyperlipidemic, Resveratrol, Resveratrol derivative, Triglyceride

Article CS27204305 • PDF

Review Article

Indole as a Core Anti-Inflammatory Agent- A Mini Review
K. Hemalatha, G. Madhumitha, Selvaraj Mohana Roopan

Keywords : Indole, NSAIDS, Anti-inflammatory, Cyclooxygenase
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Research Article
Synthesis and Characterization of Ag Doped Tin Oxide Nanoparticles using Cleistanthus Collinus Plant and their Biological Activities
Vennila Raj, Kamaraj Palanisamy, Arthanareeswari.M
Keywords : Ag nanoparticles, Tin oxide nanoparticles, Ag doped Tin oxide nanoparticles, Antibacterial activities, DPPH Method
Article CS202043092 • PDF

Research Article
Removal of Hexavalent Chromium from Aqueous System by Cotton Seed Carbon (Ciba pentandra)
S. Malathi, and K. Srinivasan
Keywords : Cotton seed carbon, Cr(VI) adsorption, Freundlich method
Article CS192043097 • PDF

Research Article
Copper(II) Complexes of a Phthalimide Mannich Base (2-dimethyl-aminomethyl)isoindoline-1,3-dione: Synthesis and Spectral, Thermal and Electrochemical Studies
M.Yosuva Suvaikin, A.Sabastiyan, C.Kalaivananand C.Muthukumar
Keywords : Mannich Base, metal complexes, geometry, thermal analysis, electrochemical study
Article CS162043092 • PDF

Research Article
Phytochemical Screening and Adsorption Studies of Brugmansia Suaveolens
P. Sakunthala, A. Charles, D. Kesavan and V. Alex Ramani
Keywords : Phytoconstituents, XRD, Inhibitor
Article CS252043091 • PDF

Research Article
Corrosion Inhibition of Indoloimidazole Derivative on Mild Steel in HCl
D.Nalini, D.Sudha and Sowmya Ramkumar
Keywords : Indoloimidazole, Weight Loss, Polarization, Impedance, Quantum Studies, Corrosion Inhibition
Article CS212043091 • PDF

Research Article
Aniline/cupric ion complex on silica surface: Synthesis, characterization and analytical application
Shyama Prasad Bayen and Pranesh Chowdhury
Keywords : Aniline / silica composite, solid phase complex, analytical parameters
Article CS032043092 • PDF

Research Article
Synthesis and In Vitro Biological Activity of (E)-1-((4-methyl-3-(4-(pyridin-3-yl)amino)phenyl)diazenyl)naphthalein-2-ol
Lingappa Mallesha, Chimatahalli S. Karthik, Kundachira S. Nithin, and Puttaswamappa Mallu

Keywords : N-(5-Amino-2-methylphenyl)-4-(3-pyridyl)-2-pyrimidinamine, Naphthalene-2-ol, Antimicrobials, Antioxidant
Article CS152043091 • PDF

Research Article
Seaweed Endophytic Fungi: A Potential Source for Glutaminase Free L-Asparaginase
Anand Thangavel, Krishnamoorthy Govindan, Mugesh Subramanian and Murugan Maruthamuthu
Keywords : L-asparaginase, glutaminase free L-asparaginase, acute lymphoblastic leukemia seaweeds, Medicinal plants
Article CS2620430100 • PDF

Research Article
Phytochemical Analysis and Structural Characterisation Studies of the Extracts of the Medicinal Plant -Cayratia pedata
A. Leostandly and V. Alex Ramani
Keywords : Phytochemical Analysis, Plant, Extracts
Article CS162043092 • PDF

Research Article
Comparative Drug Release Studies of 5-Fluorouracil and 6-Thioguanine Entrapped in PEG-Co-PLA/Gold Nanocapsules
Kannaiyan Sathishkumar, Karmegam Rajasekar, Pradeep Paneer Selvam and Sai Madhusudhanan
Keywords : Biodegradable polymers, gold nanoparticles, Fluorouracil, Thioguanine, swelling, Polymer nanocapsules.
Article CS17204308 • PDF

Research Article
In-Vitro Antioxidant And Antimicrobial Studies Of Mixed Ligand Copper(II) Complexes Of Benzimidazolyl Terpyridine
R. Elayaperumal, M. Kiruthika and P. Dharmalingam
Keywords : Synthesis, Terpyridine, Copper Complexes
Article CS28204308 • PDF

Research Article

Enzymatic Deacidification of Rice Bran Oil Containing High Free Fatty Acids with Recycling
Gautam Misra and Sumit Nandi
Keywords : Lipase, TLIM, Novozyme 435, Biorefining
Article CS032043091 • PDF

Research Article
Adsorption of Heavy Metal Ions from Water and Wastewater Using Modified Acrylic Ester
Polymeric Resin
V. Tharanitharan and R. Kalaivani
Keywords : Modified Amberlite XAD-7HP resin, Zn(II) removal, Isotherms, Kinetics
Article CS2020430918 • PDF

Research Article
Productivity Study for Enzymatic Synthesis of Diesters of Sebacic Acid
Sarbani Ganguly and Sumit Nandi
Keywords : Sebacic acid, Enzyme, Diesters, Lipase
Article CS112043091 • PDF

Research Article

Synthesis of Triacontanol Concentrate from Crude Rice Bran Wax by Microwave Treatment and Molecular Distillation
Sumit Nandi, Sarbani Ganguly and Rupa Bhattacharya
Keywords : Microwave, Policosanols, Triacontanol, Rice bran wax, Molecular distillation
Article CS282043082 • PDF

Research Article

Novel Corrosion Inhibitors Based On Seaweeds For AA7075 Aircraft Aluminium Alloys
J. Gowtham Sriram, M. Hasan Sadhir, M. Saranya, A. Srinivasan
Keywords : Sodium Alginate, Corrosion, Seaweed, Aluminium
Article CS162043093 • PDF