Issue 36

Volume 9, Issue 36, 2020 (October-December)

Articles Full Text and Articles in Press

Research Article
Impact of Ohmic Heating on Various Physico-Chemical Properties of Grape Juice at Different Voltages

Anjum Ayoub, Jagmohan Singh, Ashish Mohite, Sushil Sharma and Prakash Kumar Nayak

Keywords: Ohmic heating,Grape juice,TSS,Acidity, Ascorbic acid, Anthocyanin

DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205108211 PDF

Review Article

Integrated Nutrient Management in Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) – A Review

Anita Mahapatra, Bishnupriya Gouda, Dikshya Patel and Mahima Prasad Behera

Keywords: Sunflower, nutrient management, Sunflower, nutrient management, oilseed crop, micro nutrients
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205107176 PDF

Research Article
Corrosion Control of Mild Steel in Sulphuric Acid by Athyrium filix-femina Leaf Extract Green Inhibitor
Busayo A. Tomilawo, Emmanuel F. Olasehinde, Julius U. Ani, Fredrick O. Obagboye,
Jonnie N. Asegbeloyin, Innocent O. Obi, Linus E. Aneke
Keywords: Corrosion inhibition, Mild steel, Athyrium filix-femina, Electrochemical techniques, Green inhibitor
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs0320510701 PDF

Review Article
Novel Nanotechnological Tools for Weed Management – A Review
S. K. Choudhary, Arun Kumar and Rajesh Kumar
Keywords: Nanotechnology, nano-herbicides, nano-polymer, Nano Application, Smart Packing
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205105136 PDF

Research Article
Effect of Postharvest Chemical Treatments on Fresh-Cut Pineapple Cubes
Prerna Baraily and Prahlad Deb
Keywords: Pineapple, Cubes, Quality, Postharvest
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205108198 PDF

Research Article
Impact of Air Pollution from a Coal Fired Thermal Power Station on Brinjal and Tomato Crops
Padmavathi Papolu and Madhavi Kondapavuluri
Keywords: Air pollution, APTI value, NTTPS Power plant, Brinjal and Tomato crops, Summer and Monsoon seasons
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205108200 PDF

Research Article
Uptake and Transformations of Nitrogen in Sweet corn hybrid production through INM method
A Bharathi, M Balusamy, E Somasundaram and R Shanmugasundaram
Keywords: Nitrogen uptake, Soil available nitrogen, Net gain or loss
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205107165 PDF

Research Article
Fertilizer Prescription Equation Demonstration for Targeted Yield of Rice in Farmer Fields of Telangana State
T Srijaya, A Madhavi, T Prabhakar Reddy, P Surendra Babu, T Bharath and Pradip Dey
Keywords: Rice, Farmers practice, STCR approach, Gross returns
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205107014 PDF

Review Article

Biochar Improves Soil Health, Crop Productivity and Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions – A Review

Sainath Nagula, A.V. Ramanjaneyulu, C Durga and Naveen Leno

Keywords: Biochar, soil health, remediation, greenhouse gas mitigation, carbon sequestration
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205107180 PDF

Research Article

Piezoelectric Property from Processed Prawn Shells

Ramar Marimuthu, Sabarmathi Ravichandran, Aarthi Suresh

Keywords: Bio waste, prawn shell, piezo-electric, demineralization, energy harvesting
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205108207 PDF

Review Article

Impact of different residue management on Carbon dynamics in Rice-wheat cropping system: A Review
Ravi Kumar Meena, M L Meena, R K Yadav, M. A. Khan, O P Shakyawal

Keywords: Residue management, mineralizable carbon, aggregate protected carbon, C Sequestration
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205107189 PDF

Research Article

Biochemical Assessment and Yield of Mungbean as Influenced By Zinc and Iron Fertilization

Navratan Gahlot, Ummed Singh, Moola Ram, M. L. Mehriya, Hitesh Borana and Mukesh Mandiwal

Keywords: Mungbean Protein, Nutrient Content, Nutrient Uptake, Zinc Sulphate, Ferrous Sulphate, Soil and Foliar Application
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205110227 PDF

Research Article

Identification of Relationship among Exogenous NaCl with Cotton Leaves on Cation Uptake, Nutrient Ratios and Status in Rhizosphere Soil

Sahu DK, A Manikandan, D Blaise and PK Shukla

Keywords: Cotton species, nutrient uptake, nutrient ratios, sodium chloride, soil status
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205110221 PDF

Research Article

Development of Osmo-Dried Peel Flakes from Eureka Lemon

Pawandeep Kour, Neeraj Gupta and Jagmohan Singh

Keywords: Osmo-dried, eureka lemon peel, flakes, physico-chemical parameters
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205107153 PDF

Research Article

Application of the Van Laar model to oxide glasses of the 0.8[xB2O3-(1-x)SiO2]-0.2Na2O system

A. Kouyate, M. A. Tigori, O. Kambire, K. L. Koroma, A. P. Ahoussou, M. P. Niamien, B. K. Dongui and A. Trokourey

Keywords: Oxide glass, Dissolution calorimetry, Van Laar model, Enthalpy of mixing
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205111252 PDF

Research Article

Development of Ecofriendly Bio-Plastics from the Leaf Extract of Manihot Esculenta

Gnanavel Sakthivel, Devarajan Natarajan, Gajendiran Kandasamy, Sabariswaran Kandasamy, Selvaraj Vijayan, Ganapathi Umadevi, Kesavan Devarayan and Monikandon Sukumaran

Keywords: Bioplastic, leaf extract, Manihot esculenta, solubility, biodegradable nature
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205111245 PDF

Research Article

Assessment of Chemical Characteristics of Biochar Synthesized Pyrolytically from Tender Coconut Husk

Sainath Nagula, PB Usha and C Durga

Keywords: Biochar, tender coconut husk, pyrolysis, total carbon, heavy metals
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205110221 PDF

Research Article

Changes in Gum Yield and Anatomy of Commiphora wightii (Arnott.) Bhandari in Response to Foliar Application of PGR and Nutrients

Moni Thomas, Niraj Tripathi, Kailash Chandra Meena, E.S. Nishad, K. Vidyasagaran

Keywords: Data deficient, Guggul, Gum duct, mirco-nutrients, Natural resins
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs1820510701 PDF

Research Article

Transformation of Biodiesel waste Glycerol to Value added Glycerol Carbonate

Gunjan Singh, Gitanjali Pradhan, Subhalaxmi Pradhan and Y.C Sharma

Keywords: Glycerol, Dimethyl carbonate, Heterogeneous catalyst, Transesterification, Glycerol carbonate
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205107179 PDF

Research Article

Design and Development of In-Vessel Composter for Treating Agricultural Weeds

R Divyabharathi, K Rajkumar, GC Dinesh and M Ganesh

Keywords: Agricultural weeds; bio-energy; composting; design; in-vessel composter
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205107187 PDF

Research Article

Air Quality Changes during Weekend Lockdown amid Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic: Case Study of Jammu District (J&K), India

Vishaw Vikas, Jag Paul Sharma, Mahender Singh, Manish Kr. Sharma, Rohit Sharma, Vinod Gupta, Balbir Dhotra, Amitesh Sharma, Satish Kumar and Aarushi Singh

Keywords: PM2.5, PM10, NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide), O3 (Ozone), Air Quality Index (AQI)
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205110217 PDF

Research Article

Physico-Chemical Properties of Apple Orchard (Red Delicious) Soils of Ganderbal District

Baseerat Binti Nabi, Subhash Chand, M.A. Dar and Khushboo Farooq

Keywords: Ganderbal, physico-chemical, altitudes, locations, Apple Orchard
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205110218 PDF

Research Article

In Vivo Bio-efficacy and Phytotoxicity of Propiconazole 13.9 (15% w/v) + Difenoconazole 13.9 % w/w (15% w/v) 300 EC on Soybean against leaf spots and rust diseases

Suresh D. Ekabote Pruthviraj and Divyajyothi U

Keywords: Sunflower, nutrient management, soybean,  rust diseases
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205107019 PDF

Research Article

Nanoencapsulation Development for Interactive Foods

Nikita Baliyan, Reema Rani, Parampreet Kaur, Yashwant Kumar Yadava, Lalit Kumar

Keywords: Nanotechnology, Nanocapsules, Nanoencapsulation, Interactive foods, Nanoparticles, Food technology
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205107155 PDF

Research Article

Questionnaire based study: changes in dietary habits & sleep pattern before and during covid-19 lockdown period (Indian scenario)
R V Sista and V Railla
Keywords: dietary habits, sleep pattern, COVID-19, lockdown period
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs2051101002v PDF

Research Article

Effect of nitrogen management on nutrient uptake in Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) cotton hybrid
Priyanka Devi, Karmal Singh, S.K. Thakral, Sonia Devi, Shweta and Meena Sewhag
Keywords: nitrogen, management, uptake, cotton
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs20511040v PDF