Issue 42

Volume 11, Issue 42, 2022 (April – June)

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Research Article
Ingredients Interaction Effect on Development and Characterization of Rice Flour and Moringa Oleifera Leaf Powder Based Instant Soup Mix
Y. S. Yadav, K. Prasad and S. Kumar
Keywords: Soup mix, rheology, characterization, rice, moringa oleifera
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205303438 PDF

Research Article
Radiation-Induced Graft Copolymerization Ethyl Acrylate onto Poly(Tetrafluoroethylene-co-ethylene) Film by Discontinuous Method
Raj Kumar Thakur, Inderjeet Kaur and Lalit Guleria
Keywords: Pre-irradiation, discontinuous method, optimum dose, percent grafting, modification, functional group, swelling and separation process
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205303437 PDF

Research Article
Kinetic and Thermodynamic Study of the Adsorption of Cu2+ In an Aqueous Medium by Activated Carbons from Plant Biomasses
Djamatche Paul Valery AKESSE, Akissi Lydie Chantal KOFFI, Kacou Alain Paterne DALOGO, David Léonce KOUADIO
Keywords: Activated carbon, Langmuir isotherm, Adsorption kinetics, Thermodynamic parameters
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205301405 PDF

Research Article
Assessment of Soil Test Crop Response Based Fertilization on Nutrient Requirement, Nutrient Uptake and Nutrient Use Efficiency of Aerobic Rice
N Bhavya, PK Basavaraja and R Krishna murthy
Keywords: STCR, Aerobic rice, STL, PoP, Use efficiency
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205301435 PDF

Research Article
Phytochemical Screening and Variation Studies In Secondary Metabolite Contents in Rhizomes of Curculigo Orchioides from Madhya Pradesh State of India
Hari Om Saxena, Samiksha Parihar, Ganesh Pawar, G. Rajeshwar Rao, Hemant Kumar and Sant Kumar
Keywords: Curculigo orchioides, Phytochemical screening, Secondary metabolites, Madhya Pradesh
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205301412 PDF

Research Article

Steam Activation of Coconut Husk for Porous Carbon Production: Effect of Temperature and Time on Pore Characteristics
D. Praveen Kumar, D. Ramesh, P. Subramanian, S. Karthikeyan, and A. Surendrakumar

Keywords: Coconut husk; Activated carbon; Steam activation; Iodine number; Yield
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205304464 PDF

Research Article

Optimization of Microwave-Assisted Artificial Coalification for Maximization of Sawdust Hydrochar Production using Response Surface Methodology
P. Komalabharathi, P. Subramanian, D. Ramesh, S. Karthikeyan and M. R. Duraisamy
Keywords: Sawdust; Hydrochar; Microwave Synthesis; Artificial Coalification, RSM
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205304465 PDF

Research Article

A One-Pot Oxidative Deprotection of Aliphatic tert-Butyldimethylsilyl Ethers using Tetraethylammonium Superoxide under Microwave Irradiation
Surabhi Pandey, Balmukund Yadav, Ajay K. Shukla and Raghvendra S. Raghuvanshi
Keywords: Deprotection, superoxide, TBDMS, microwave irradiation
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205301151 PDF

Research Article

Performance of Brinjal under Different Fertigation Levels
G.V. Rajalingam, M. Prabhu, V. Rajashree, H. Ushanandhinidevi, M. Karthikeyan and R. Swarnapriya
Keywords: Biochar, carbon sequestration, pyrolysis, climate change, soil health, waste management
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205301404 PDF

Research Article

Influence of Kharif Crops and Weed Control Measures on Nutrient Uptake by Weeds, Soil Properties and Residual Effect on Wheat
Mahaveer Prasad, R.S. Yadav and Bhawana Saharan
Keywords: kharif crops, Nutrient uptake, Pot study, Soil properties and Weed control.
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205301410 PDF

Review Article

A Review on Biochar and Its Application in Agriculture
Priyanka Saha, Anurag Bera and Anamika Barman
Keywords: Biochar, carbon sequestration, pyrolysis, climate change, soil health, waste management
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205301404 PDF

Research Article

Effect of Foliar Sprays of Plant Growth Regulators with Fertilizer Nutrients on Yield and Quality of Preseasonal Sugarcane
S. K. Ghodke, U. A. Gavit, P.M. Chaudhari and B. S. Raskar
Keywords: Plant growth regulators, Fertilizer nutrients, Foliar spray, Chelated micronutrient, Silicon
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205301417 PDF

Research Article

In Vitro Callus Induction and Regeneration from Leaf Explants in (Punica Granatum L.)
Rekha Choudhary, Mohan Lal Jakhar, Ravi Kumar, Manju Netwal and Sushila Choudhary
Keywords: Pomegranate, Callus induction, Organogenesis, Tissue culture, Micropropagation
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205302408 PDF

Research Article

Evaluation of Nano Urea on Growth and Yield Attributes of Rice (Oryza Sativa L.)
Sai Kumar Midde, M Saravana Perumal, G Murugan, R Sudhagar, Vikram Sai Mattepally and Maheswara Reddy Bada
Keywords: Nano Nitrogen, RDN, Rice
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205301427 PDF

Research Article

Comparison study of Sensory Qualities of Whey Protein Based Edible Coated Paneer Incorporated with essential oils (Ginger, Garlic and Cinnamon oil)
A. Punnagaiarasi, A. Elango, A. Kalaikannan and M. Selvaraju
Keywords: Sensory quality, Whey protein, edible coated paneer, Essential oils
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205303456 PDF

Research Article

Biochemical Behavior of Potato Tubers during Storage as Affected by Different Nitrogen Levels
Amit Verma, A.K. Bhatia, V.P.S. Panghal and Monika
Keywords: Cultivar, nitrogen, potato, ascorbic acid, sugars, tubers
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205302442 PDF

Research Article

Fats and Oils: Effects of Processing and Its Oxidation
S. Rachana Sree and Jessie Suneetha W
Keywords: Fats, oils, MUFA, PUFA, peroxide value, free fatty acids and heat treatment
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205301423 PDF

Review Article
Nutrient Management for Unpredictable Legume – “Groundnut”
Priyanka Devi, Charan Singh, Sushil Kumar, Shilpa, Sandeep Bedwal, Garima Dahiya, Raj Kumar and Isha Ahlawat
Keywords: groundnut, nutrient management, productivity, sustainability
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205303448 PDF

Research Article
Extraction Techniques and Utilization of Natural Pigments
Nikhet Rafiq, Neeraj Gupta, Anju Bhat, Jagmohan Singh, Julie D Bandral, Monika Sood, Mehnaza Bashir and Nikhil Thakur
Keywords: Carotenoids, Pigments, Antioxidant, Polyphenols, Polysaccharides, Antimicrobials, Polysaccharides
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205302457 PDF

Research Article
Effect of Seed Priming Techniques on Filed Performance of Bitter Gourd (Momordica Charantia L.)
K. Madhusudhanreddy, R. Kumar, A. Bhardwaj, A. Kumar and S. Sahay
Keywords: Seed priming, Bitter gourd, Field performance
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205302452 PDF

Research Article
Synthesis and Characterization of Apple Pectin Acrylamide-Based Hydrogel by Thermal-Induced Graft Copolymerization
Suman Kumar, Raj Kumar Thakur and Lalit Guleria
Keywords: Apple Pomaces, Hydrogel, Morphology, Percent swelling, SEM
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205302451 PDF

Research Article
Sustainable Water Conservation Techniques for the Livelihood of Tribal Community of India
S.Nikil and A. Bharani
Keywords: water scarcity, tribal community, alternate sources, livelihood, water conservation measures
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205211396 PDF

Research Article
Effect of Spinach (Spinacia oleracea) and Moringa (Moringa olerifia) Powder on Physcio-chemical and Sensory Attributes of Chicken Meat Balls
Rupali Pathade, Sanjaykumar Londhe, Sandip Rindhe, Anita Chappalwar, Rupesh Waghmare
and Dipali Patil
Keywords: Moringa, Spinach, Sensory evaluation, Cooking yield
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205301420 PDF

Research Article
Selection of Suitable Extractants for the Determination of Available Copper in Soils of Mulberry Garden
Dhaneshwar Padhan, MB Shivaswamy, V Sobhana, Ravindra, CM Babu and Babulal
Keywords: Available copper, chemical extractants, mulberry garden, plant copper
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205303439 PDF

Review Article
Synthesis, Reactivity, Biomedical and Allied Applications of Schiff Base Derivatives of Transition Metals
Ashu Chaudhary, Mamta and Subhash
Keywords: Schiff base, Metal Complexes. Antimicrobial activity, Antitumor activity
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205301436 PDF

Research Article
Effect of Coating Formulation and Ambient Storage Conditions on Physical Properties of Litchi
SM Jogdand, AE Kate, RL Lal, NC Shahi and Singh Omveer
Keywords: Litchi, α-Tocopherol, Salicylic acid, Perforation, Physical
DOI: 10.37273/chesci.cs205302454 PDF