Issue 10

Volume 3, Issue 10, 2014

(April-June 2014)

Review Article
Grafting of Cellulose Based Materials: A Review
Birachinarayan Tosh, Chitta Ranjan Routray

Keywords : Cellulose, Cellulose Acetate, Heterogeneous Grafting, Honogeneous Grafting, Ceric Ammonium Nitrate, Benzoyl Peroxide, Tin-bis(2-ethyl hexanoate)
Article CS17204404 • PDF

Review Article
Ruthenium Mediate Cycloaddition Reaction in Organic Synthesis – Review
J. Palaniraja, Selvaraj Mohana Roopan

Keywords : Ruthenium, Cylcloaddition, Click Chemistry
Article CS16204403 • PDF

Research Article
Physico-Mechanical and Thermal Properties of PVC-PEMA Full Interpenetrating Polymer Networks in Relation to Their Morphologies
Rupa Bhattacharyya, Sumit Nandi, Debabrata Chakraborty

Keywords : Polyvinyl chloride, polyethyl mechacrylate, mechanical properties, thermal properties
Article CS15204403 • PDF

Research Article
Magnesium Monoperoxyphthalate Oxidation of Aromatic Anils in Aqueous Acetonitrile Medium
Venkatesh Ramakrishnan, Karunakaran Kuladaivelu

Keywords : Magnesium Monoperoxyphthalate, Substitute Aromatic Anils, Oxidation
Article CS17204403 • PDF

Research Article
Synthesis Characterisation and Pharmacological Studies on Novel Pyridazino Quinolines
G. Selvi, G. Sathya Priyadarshini and R. Namitha

Keywords : Synthesis, Pharmacology, Pyridazino Quinolines
Article CS18204403 • PDF

Research Article
Selective Oxidation of Benzyl Alcohols to Benzaldehydes under Phase Transfer Catalysis
K. Bijudas, P. Bashpa, K. P. Aysha Nasrin, K. Krishnapriya, and Reshma Krishnan

Keywords : Selective Oxidation, Phase Transfer Catalysis, Phase Transferred Monochromate
Article CS19204309A • PDF

Research Article
Cobalt(II) and Copper(II) Complexes of a Novel Mannich Base Derived From 8-Hydroxyquinoline: Synthesis, Spectral, Thermal, Electrochemical, and Biological Studies
C. Muthukumar, S. Vlarselvan, A, Sebastiyan, and M. Yosuva Suvaikin

Keywords : 8-Hydroxyquinoline, Antimicrobial Screening, Cyclic Voltammetry, Thermogramal Decomposition
Article CS17204403 • PDF

Research Article
Study of Heavy Metal Pollution in the Sediment Sample of River Adyar using Geochemical Indices
T. Venugopal, K. Kannan, L. Giridharan, M. Jayaprakash

Keywords : River Adyar, Enrichment Factor, ERL, and ERM
Article CS29204309-1 • PDF

Research Article
Hydro Chemical Analysis of Lake Water Quality at Salem District, Tamil Nadu, India
V. Tharanitharan, E. Ragul, D. Nandhakumar, A. Abith and K. Keerthivasan

Keywords : Lake Water, Physico-Chemical Analysis, Water Quality, Do, Bod
Article CS09204309-1 • PDF

Research Article
Isolation of Microalgae Strains from Pond Water and Their Medium Standardization for Lipid Production
Vidyadharani Gopalakrishnan, Dhanpani Ramanurthy

Keywords : Microalgae, Fresh Water, BBM, Bristol, Nile Red, Lipid
Article CS162043092 • PDF

Research Article
Histophathalogical Observations of Anacardic Acid – A Phytotoxin Responsible for Occupational Dermatitis
T. Helga Premi and K. Jayaprakash

Keywords : Dermatitis, Anacardic Acid, Occupational Skin Dermatitis, Phyto Dermatitis
Article CS17204404 • PDF

Research Article
Kinetics and Mechanism of Electron Transfer Reactions: Oxidation of Sulfanilic Acid by Peroxomonosulfate in Aqueous Acidic Medium
Riya Sailni, Deepmala Pareek, Kritika Jangid, Chandra L. Khandelwal, and Prem D. Sharma

Keywords : Kinetics, Mechanism, Oxidation, Sulfanilic Acid, Peroxomobosulfate
Article CS162043092 • PDF

Research Article
Ethyl Acetate Extraction of Antibaterial Compounds of endophytic Fungi Isolated from Medicinal Plants
Prabha Palanichamy, Anand Thangavel, and Murugan Maruthamuthu

Keywords : Medicinal Plants, Endophytic Fungi, Antibaterial Assay, Ethyl Acetate Extract
Article CS20204405N • PDF

Research Article
Remediation of Cadmium(II) from Simulated Seawater: Kinetics, Equilibrium and Thermodynamics Studies
Olushola S. Ayanda, Ntombizandile L. Mthembu, Ogheneochuko U. Oputu, Olatunbosun S. Akinsoji, Marie-Louise T. L. Bissa, and Shirley Le Roux

Keywords : Cadmium. Remediation, Adsorption, Activated Carbon, Seawater
Article CS04204405N • PDF

Research Article
Volumetric Properties of the Peptide (C4H8N2O3) in Water and in Various Solutions of Sodium Nitrate, Potassium Nitrate, and Magnesium Nitrate Hexahydrate at Different Temperatures (288.15-318.15) K
Vaneet Dhir, Jasbinder Kaur, R. P. Singh Grewal

Keywords : Amino Acids, Sodium Nitrate, Potassium Nitrate, Magnesium Nitrate Hexahydrate, Partial Molar Volume, Transfer Volumers, Hydration Numbers, Interaction Coefficients, Partial Molar Expansibilities
Article CS24204404 • PDF

Research Article
Ultrasound Promoted Synthesis of 1,2-Disubstituted Benzimidazoles using Aqueous Hydrotrpic Solution
Amol A. Patil, Santosh B. Kamble, Gajanan S. Rashinkar, and Rajashri S. Salunkhe

Keywords : 1,2-Disubsituted Benzimidazole, Hydrotrope, Ultrasound, Green Chemistry, Ultrasound Irradiation
Article CS03204406 • PDF

Research Article
An Efficient Oxidation of 1,4-Dihydropyridines to Pyridines by Superoxide under Microwave Irradiation
Raghvendra S. Raghuvanshi, Virendra P. Yadav, and Vinod K. Singh

Keywords : 1,4-Dihydropyridines, Superoxide, Microwave Irradiation, Oxidation
Article CS02204309 • PDF

Research Article

In Vitro Antimicrobial Activity of some New Azo Compounds Synthesized from 2-Aminoethyl Piperazine

Chimatahalli Karthik, Lingappa Mallesha, M. V. Santhosh, and Puttaswarnappa Mallu

Keywords : 2-Aminoethyl Piperazine, Azo Coupling Agents, Antimicrobial Acitivity

Article CS24204405 • PDF

Research Article

Some Novel Photo-transformations in 4H-chromen-4-ones: Photolysis of 3-Propynyloxy -2-(thiophen-3-yl)-4H-chromen-4-ones

Ramesh C. Kamboj, Pooja Jindal, Rita Arora, Ashu Chaudhary, Sadhika Khullar and Sanjay K. Mandal

Keywords : Cyclization, photoirradiation, 3-propynyloxy chromenones, pyranochromenones, xanthenones

Article CS04204406 • PDF

Research Article

Synthesis and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Copper(II) Complexes with Some Amino Acids
K. Kiruthikajothi, G. Chandramohan, and K. Muniyappan

Keywords : Aspartic Acid, Agar Diffusion Method, Fungal Agents
Article CS14204406 • PDF

Research Article
Antibacterial Activity of a New Flavone Glycoside From the Seeds of Dolichos lablab Linn.
Parul Jain

Keywords : Antibacterial Activity, Flavonol Glycoside, Dolichos lablab Linn.
Article CS28204405 • PDF

Research Article
Synthetic Studies on [2,6]Naphthyridine Compounds and Its Derivatives – Synthesis of 5-Hydroxybenzo [c][2,6]naphthyridine 1,4-dione
S. Meenachi, S. P. Rajendran, and S. Chitra

Keywords : 2-Oxo quinoline-4-carboxylic acid, 2-oxo 4-methyl quinoline, N-(Carbethoxy methyl)-2-hydroxyquinoline 4-carboxamide, Dichloro benzo[c][2,6]naphthyridine, 5-hydroxybenzo[c] [2,6]naphthyridine 1,4-dione, and Dowtherm A
Article CS0920430N • PDF

Research Article
Antimicrobial Property of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles on Escherichia coli and Listeria monocytogenes – A Comparative Study
A. Kalaiselvi, C. Ramalingam, G. Madhumitha

Keywords : ZnO Nanoparticles, X-Ray Diffraction, Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), Antimicrobial Activity
Article CS0920430AN • PDF

Research Article
Geopolymer Concrete using Kaolinite Clay, Fly Ash, and GGBS
R. Kumutha, K. Vijai, Ramya R. R, Sujith K. J, and Yeshey Dema

Keywords : Kaolinite Clay, Fly Ash, GGBS, Alkaline Activator, Polymerization
Article CS2420430N • PDF

Research Article
Chemical Stimulation of Biopigment Production in Endophytic Fungi Isolated from Clerodendrum viscosum L.
Subramanian Mugesh, Thangavel Anand, and Maruthamuthu Murugan

Keywords : Endophytic Fungi, Clerodendrum viscosum, Biopigment, Growth Media
Article CS0920430BN • PDF

Research Article
Rice Husk Ash Based Geopolymer Concrete – A Review
B. Prabu, A. Shalini, and J. S. Kishore Kumar

Keywords : Geopolymer Concrete, Flyash, GGBS, RHA, Alkaline Activators
Article CS092043CN • PDF

Research Article
Kinetics and Mechanism of Electron Transfer Reactions: Osmium(VIII) Catalyzed Oxidation of Phenylphosphinic Acid (PhP) by N-Chloro-p-Toluene Sulfonamide (Chloramine-T) in Alkaline Medium
Vinita Kumari Gupta, Kritika Jangid, Chandra L. Khandelwal, and Prem D. Sharma

Keywords : Kinetics, Mechanism, Osmium(VIII), Chloramin-T, Oxidation, Phenylphosphonic Acid
Article CS072044063 • PDF

Research Article
Design, Synthesis, and Evaluation of Benzophenone Appended Heterocyclic Amides as Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitors
V. Girish, V. Lakshmi Ranganatha, J. N. Narendra Sharath Chandra, and Shaukath Ara Khanum

Keywords : Benzophenone, Heterocylic Amides, Xanthine Oxidase, Xanthine, Allopurinol
Article CS102044062 • PDF

Research Article
Treatment of Composite Reverse Osmosis (RO) Reject Water for Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Reduction
Imranul Islam Laskar

Keywords : Electrochemical Oxidation, Wastewater Treatment, COD, Power Consumption
Article CS09204391N • PDF