Issue 26

Volume 7, Issue 26, 2018 (April – June)

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Research Article

Effect of Divalent ions on the structure and stability of c-tetraplex

Shailesh Ghanshyam Chaudhari and Sarika Saxena

Keywords: c-tetraplex, i-motif, thermal melting, CD (Circular Dichroism)

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Research Article

Relative efficacy of insecticides in the management of Rice Gallmidge, Orseolia oryzae

D. Sudha Rani and M.N. Venkatesh

Keywords: Rice, Gallmidge, Insecticides, Management

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Review Article

Response of Field Crops to Foliar Nutrition: A Review

Reena, Omvati Verma, Shikha and Debarati Datta

Keywords: Field crops, foliar nutrition, growth, quality, yield

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Research Article

Effect of Critical Parameters on Biomass Yield from Botryococcus Braunii by Response Surface Methodology

R. Ghosh R. Makam and V. Krishnamurthy

Keywords: Bio mass, Botryococcus Braunii, Microalgae, Response Surface Methodology

Article CS292049011 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of Fertility Levels and Boron on Quality and Economics of Cauliflower (Brassica oleracea var. botrytis L.)

Atma Ram Meena, L.N. Bairwa, Pushpendra Singh, Raunak Sharma and O.P.Regar

Keywords: Cauliflower, RDF, Boron, Quality attributes and Economics

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Research Article

Copper Corrosion Inhibition by Cefuroxime Drug in 1M Nitric Acid

OUEDRAOGO Augustin, DIKI N’guessan Yao Silvère, BOHOUSSOU Kouadio Valery, SORO Doh and TROKOUREY Albert

Keywords: Copper corrosion inhibition, cefuroxime, weight loss, adsorption, DFT, Fukui functions

Article CS092049041 • PDF

Review Article

Management of Zn and Fe in Horticultural Crops of Arid Zone: A Review

Sunil Kumar, Mamta Phogat and Manohar Lal

Keywords: Management, Zn, Fe, Horticultural crops, arid zone

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Research Article

Variations in Nutritional Composition among Different Selected Medicinal Plants

Mukhan Wati and M. Khabiruddin

Keywords: Nutritional composition; mineral elements; medicinal plants

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Research Article

Impact of Front Line Demonstration (FLD) on Cumin Farmers in Jodhpur and Nagaur District

M. L. Mehriya and Ramesh

Keywords: Impact, Training, Knowledge adoption, cumin

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Review Article

A review: Pesticide Toxicity in Avians

Simranjit Kaur, Kuldeep Singh Khera, Dipender Kumar

Keywords: Acute and sub lethal effects, Birds, Organochlorines

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Research Article

Assessment of Total Phenol Content, Total Flavonoid Content and Anti-Oxidant Capacity in Exotic Lentil Germplasm

Soma Gupta, Akanksha Singh, H. K. Dikshit, M. Aski, G. P. Mishra and Jitendra Kumar

Keywords: Lentil, anti-oxidant capacity, total phenol content, total flavonoid content

Article CS182049021 • PDF

Research Article

Gravimetric and Quantum Chemical Analysis of Brass Corrosion Inhibition by Inhibitors in Aqueous Medium

T Gowrani

Keywords: Brass, Benzotriazole derivative, trisodium citrate, Sodium potassium tartrate, Quantum chemical study

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Research Article

Phenodynamics of Ginkgo biloba L. – A Living Fossil under threat under temperate conditions of Kashmir Himalayas, India

Najma Rasheid, P. A. Sofi and T. H. Masoodi

Keywords: Ginkgo biloba, Phenodynamics, Living fossil, Kashmir, catkin

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Research Article

Effect of Tillage and Residue Management on Productivity of Crops in Rice-Wheat Cropping System

B. L. Dudwal, T.K. Das and A.R. Sharma

Keywords: B. L. Dudwal, T.K. Das and A.R. Sharma

Article CS012049032 • PDF

Research Article

Geostatistical Analysis for Spatial Variability Mapping of Soil Organic Carbon of Research Farm of SKUAST-K

Juvaria Jeelani, Nayar Afaq Kirmani, Javid A. Sofi, Mushtaq A. Wani, Junaid Khan and Abdul Rouf

Keywords: Kriging, Nugget, Range, Soil organic carbon, Spatial variability, Sill

Article CS022049031 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of IBA on Rooting and Seedling Growth of Ginkgo Biloba L. Stem Cuttings under Temperate Conditions of Kashmir

Najma Rasheid, P. A. Sofi and T. H. Masoodi IBA, Ginkgo biloba, Kashmir, Vegetative propagation, weight loss, dormancy, sprouting

Article CS022049032 • PDF

Research Article

Correlation Coefficient Analysis of Some Mango (Mangifera indica L.) Hybrids

K. Karuna, Abhay Mankar and M. Kumar

Keywords: Mango, Correlation, Yields

Article CS082049032 • PDF

Research Article

Nutrient Content and Uptake of Wheat as affected by Phosphorus, Zinc and Iron Fertilization in Loamy Sand Soils of Rajasthan

Ram Chandar Jat, Yogesh Sharma, R. K. Jakhar and R. K. Sharma

Keywords: Phosphorus, zinc, iron, nutrient content, uptake, wheat

Article CS092049032 • PDF

Research Article

New Class of Antibiotics from Some Modified Pyrano Quinoline

Jigna Machhi and Jigar Patel

Keywords: Quinoline, Pyranoquinoline, Michael addition and Antimicrobial studies

Article CS132049031 • PDF

Research Article

Performance of Intercropping On Physiological Characters and Competitiveness of Bt Cotton with Leguminous Fodder Under Irrigated Condition

M. Daisy, P. Jeyakumar and K. Senthilkumar

Keywords: Intercropping, LAI, CGR, RGR, RCC, Aggressivity, Competitive ratio

Article CS142049032 • PDF

Research Article

Evaluation of Genetic Diversity among Mango (Mangifera indica L.) Hybrids and their Parentage using RAPD Markers

Syed Razaul Islam, Kumari Karuna, Abha Kumari, Bishun Deo Prasad, Hidayatullah Mir and Pankaj Kumar

Keywords: Mango hybrids, Parentage, RAPD, Genetic Diversity

Article CS162049031 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of Different Levels of P and Liquid Biofertilizers on Growth, Yield Attributes and Yield of Maize

A. P. Sivamurugan, R. Ravikesavan, A.K. Singh and S.L. Jat

Keywords: Maize, phosphorus, liquid biofertilizers, growth and yield

Article CS212049031 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of Varying Planting Density and Nutrient Levels on Pre Release Medium Maturity Maize Genotypes

A. P. Sivamurugan, R. Ravikesavan, A.K. Singh and S.L. Jat

Keywords: Maize, genotypes, density, nutrient levels, growth and yield

Article CS212049032 • PDF

Research Article

Evaluation of Different Herbicides on Weed Control, Yield and Quality of Sweet Orange

Shweta, G. S. Rana, Anil Duhan and Amandeep Kaur

Keywords: Herbicides, sweet orange, weed control, weeds, net return, residual study

Article CS232049031 • PDF

Research Article

Study of Genetic Divergence in Soybean Germplasm

Deepak Joshi, Pushpendra, Kamendra Singh and Sneha Adhikari

Keywords: Soybean, Genetic Divergence, Inter and Intra Cluster Distance, Hierarchical Cluster Analysis (HCA)

Article CS242049031 • PDF

Research Article

Assessment of Genetic Diversity among Various Genotypes of Brassisa Napus L. using Molecular Markers

Rubby Sandhu, S.K.Rai, G.K.Rai, Heena Attri and Vanya Bawa

Keywords: Brassica napus, RAPD markers, Polymorphism, Genetic diversity

Article CS252049032 • PDF

Research Article

Studies on shelf life of developed mango pulp based shrikhand incorporated with soy milk at refrigeration (4±1ºC) temperature

Rekha Devi, Nita Khanna, Vaquil, Surender Kumar and S.S. Ahlawat

Keywords: Soy milk, mango pulp, shrikhand, refrigeration, shelf life

Article CS032049041 • PDF

Research Article

Correlation Study on Standing Biomass Production and Soil Characteristics of Tropical Thorn Forest, Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, Tamil Nadu

N. Kanagaraj, R.K. Kaleeswari and M. Tilak

Keywords: Biomass, density, Basal area, Bulk density, Organic carbon, Soil pH, Water soluble carbon

Article CS042049041 • PDF

Research Article

One Pot Multicomponent Reactions Using Cu2+ Immobilized Coconut Coir: An Efficient and Reusable Heterogeneous Catalyst for Green Synthesis of Imidazoles, β-Acetamidoketones and β-Hydroxyketones

Deepali Agarwal, Jyotsna Dhanik, Ankita Verma and Virendra Kumar Kasana

Keywords: green synthesis, imidazoles, β-acetamidoketones, β-hydroxyketones, coconut coir, heterogeneous catalyst

Article CS102049041 • PDF

Research Article

Susceptibility in wheat varieties to infestation of wheat aphid (Rhopalosiphum padi L) (Homoptera : Aphididae)

S.D. Patil, P.E. More S.S.Dodake and U.B. Hole

Keywords: Wheat (Triticum astivum), Rhopalosiphum padi, antixenosis, aphid, resistance

Article CS152049041 • PDF

Research Article

Soil Physical Environment and Performance of Maize as Influenced by Subsoil Compaction and N Fertilization in a Sandy Loam Soils

Jagdish Singh and M S Hadda

Keywords: Bulk density, Penetration resistance, Root mass density, Yield, Subsoil compaction

Article CS162049041 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of Different Organic Amendment against Rice Root-Knot Nematode, Meloidogyne Graminicola in Rice

Ram Sharan, Gurpreet Singh and S N Nandal

Keywords: Cakes, leaves, Meliodogyne graminicola, organic amendment and rice

Article CS172049041 • PDF

Research Article

Assessment of Dimethoate Residues from Dal Lake of Jammu and Kashmir, India

Imtiyaz Qayoom, Masood ul Hassan Balkhi and Malik Mukhtar

Keywords: Contamination, Dal Lake, Dimethoate, MRL, Pesticides, Residues, Toxicity

Article CS192049041 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of Integrated Nutrient Management on Growth Parameters of Okra [Abelmoschus esculents (L.) Moench]

D C Meena and M L Meena

Keywords: Okra, INM, PSB, Vermicompost and vegetative growth

Article CS252049041 • PDF

Research Article

Long Term Application of Rice Straw and Nitrogen Fertilizer Affects Soil Health and Microbial Communities

Poonam Bhagat and S K Gosal

Keywords: Dehydrogenase, organic fertilization, phosphatase, soil microbial population and urease

Article CS262049041 • PDF

Research Article

Physico-Chemical Properties of Termite Mound Soils and their Foliar Spray on Terminalia arjuna Plant

S. Kamaraj, T. Pandiaraj, C. Malliga, P.P. Srivastava, K.N. Madhusudhan, L. Zuinama and A.K. Sinha

Keywords: Foliar spray; Termite; NPK; Nutrient; Tasar

Article CS242049041 • PDF

Research Article

Evaluation of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) F4 derived F5 MAGIC lines for seed yield and its component traits

Heena Attri, B.S. Jamwal, Amardeep Kour, Monika Banotra, Vanya Bawa and Rubby Sandhu

Keywords: Heritability, Genetic advance, genotypic correlation, phenotypic correlation, Relative water content

Article CS022049052 • PDF

Research Article

Bio-Efficacy of Pyriproxyfen 8.0 SE + Clothianidin 3.5 SE against Sucking Pests Infesting Brinjal

Hemant Swami, Lekha, Virendra Singh, M K Mahla and Kuldeep Kumar

Keywords: Pyriproxyfen 8.0 SE + Clothianidin 3.5 SE, Brinjal, Sap sucking insect pests

Article CS022049051 • PDF

Research Article

Morphological and Yield Response of Pearl Millet (Pennisetum Glaucum L.) as Influenced by Different Accessions and Cutting Management under Saline Irrigation Water in North Western Region of India

Govind Makarana, R.K. Yadav, Rakesh Kumar, P. Sheoran, P.G. Soni, T. Yadav and VK Meena

Keywords: Pearlmillet accessions, cutting management, Fodder

Article CS052049052 • PDF

Research Article

Bio Efficacy of Newer Insecticide Tolfenpyrad (15% EC) Against Shoot and Fruit Borer of Brinjal

Lekha, S. K. Jat, Hemant Swami and M.K. Mahla

Keywords: Bioefficacy, Insecticides, Leucinodes orbonalis, Brinjal

Article CS072049051 • PDF

Research Article

Determination of Thermal Constant and Development Threshold of Cotton mealybug, Phenacoccus solenopsis (Tinsley)

Uzma Manzoor, Masarrat Haseeb and Subhash Chander

Keywords: Degree day, Phenacoccus solenopsis, Thermal constant, Threshold of development

Article CS112049051 • PDF

Research Article

Ultrasound promoted synthesis of polyhydroquinolines using tris-(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane (THAM) as organocatalyst

Anil Pawar, Ananda Mane, Audumbar Patil, Siddharth Kamat and Rajashri Salunkhe

Keywords: Multicomponent reaction, Tris-(hydroxymethyl) aminomethane, THAM, Ultrasound irradiation

Article CS062049052 • PDF

Research Article

Molecular Docking Studies of Some Flavonoids of Ginkgo biloba with Proteins Probably Responsible for Alzheimer Disease

Ashishkumar Swami and Sangita Sharma

Keywords: Alzheimer Disease; Flavonoid; DFT; Molecular Docking; Binding Energies

Article CS012049041 • PDF

Research Article

Standardization of post harvest management techniques for Jasminum nitidum flowers

P. Manimaran, M. Ganga, M. Kannan and K. Arulmozhiselvan

Keywords: Jasminum nitidum, post harvest, visual observations, physiological parameters, boric acid, polyethylene bags, packaging

Article CS042049051 • PDF

Research Article

Thermal and Discharge Characteristics of PVP-CH3COONa Based Polymer Electrolyte Films

M. Seshu Kumar and M.C. Rao

Keywords: Solid polymer electrolyte, Solution cast technique, DSC, Transport properties and Discharge studies

Article CS122049051 • PDF

Research Article

Microstructural and Electrical Properties of PVP-CH3COONa Polymer Films

M. Seshu Kumar and M.C. Rao

Keywords: Solid polymer electrolyte, Solution cast technique, SEM, Optical absorption and DC ionic conductivity

Article CS122049052 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of Dietary Thyme Essential Oil on Carcass Parameter of Broiler Chickens

M.R. Wade, Satish Manwar, S.V. Kuralkar, Sunil Waghmare, V.C. Ingle and Sunil Hajare

Keywords: Broiler Chicken, Thyme Essential oil, Carcass traits

Article CS052049051 • PDF

Research Article

Nitrogen Use Efficiency, Nutritive Value of Leaves and Survival of Moso Bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescence) Seedlings under the Influence of N-Fertigation

P.A. Sofi, J.A. Chopan, M.A. Islam, G.M. Bhat, A.R. Malik and T.A. Rather

Keywords: Nitrogen use efficiency, nutritive value, Moso bamboo, Phyllostachys pubescence, N-fertigation

Article CS122049053 • PDF

Research Article

Layers of Active Coal with Grafted Porous Macromolecular Cyclic Ethanolamines on the Surface of PVC Materials

Maxim P Shabanov, Aslan Yu Tsivadze, Alexander Ya Fridman, Alexey A Averin, Elena M Morozova

Keywords: PVC, layer, active coal, grafting, cyclic ethanolamines, electronic conductivity, luminescence, sorption, complexes

Article CS152049051 • PDF

Research Article

Nutritional Profiling of Papaya Peel Incorporated Chapathis

C.S. Pavithra, S. Suchiritha Devi, W Jessie Suneetha and Ch. V. Durga Rani

Keywords: Total dietary fiber, carbohydrate digestibility, protein digestibility, sodium, potassium and β-carotene

Article CS132049051 • PDF

Research Article

Intrinsic Antibiotic Resistance (IAR) of Different Rhizobial Strains Isolated From Root Nodules of Clusterbean (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (L.) Taub.)

Subha Dhull, Kuldeep Singh and Rajesh Gera

Keywords: Rhizobium, Antibiotics, Clusterbean, YEMA medium, Intrinsic antibiotic resistance

Article CS302049013 • PDF

Research Article

Study of Cellular Constituents and Enzymatic Activity of Cyanobacterial Strains

Aman Jaiswal, Deepak Kumar Koli, Ajay Kumar, Sunil Pabbi

Keywords: Cyanobacteria, Nitrogenase activity, Nitrate reductase (NR) activity, Glutamine synthetase (GS) activity

Article CS072049031 • PDF

Research Article

Integrated Nutrient Management of Maize in Rice-Gingelly-Maize Cropping System through Integrated Farming System

K. Maruthupandi and C. Jayanthi

Keywords: INM, Integrated farming system, Maize, grass return, net return, B:C ratio

Article CS162049061 • PDF