Issue 34S – Special Issue

Volume 9, Issue 34S, 2020 (April – June)

Special Issue on Herbal Biomedicines

Manuscripts are invited for submission to the Special Issue 34S under the theme of “Herbal Biomedicines”.

The manuscripts can be full length research articles, review articles, or letters as per the norms of the journal.

The manuscript may cover prevention, diagnosis, or inhibition or exhibit cure of any disease that can affect humans, animals, or plants. Manuscripts of interdisciplinary nature are also welcome.

There is no article processing fee or any other fee for manuscripts submitted under this special issue only. General articles and articles that do not fall within the scope of this special issue wont be considered for publication in this issue, but can be considered for publication in regular issues.

Submission of manuscripts for this special issue is open from 25.03.2020 to 20.06.2020. 

Manuscript acceptance rate is 25%.