Issue 27

Volume 7, Issue 27, 2018 (July – September)

July – September Issue

Research Article

Efficacy of fungicides for the management of Sheath Blight of rice

Mahantesh, Omkar Singh, Vishwanath and Dinesh Singh

Keywords: Disease, Fungicides, Rhizoctonia solani, Rice, Sheath Blight, Yield

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Research Article

Genetic Fidelity Studies of Tissue Culture Raised Plants of Banana (Musa spp.) Cultivar G-9

Rinku Rani, S.K. Sehrawat and Meenakshi Pal

Keywords: banana, genetic fidelity, RAPD primer, true to type

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Research Article

Phosphorus Sorption Characteristics of Soils for Managing the Fertilizer Phosphorus in Three Dominant Soil Types of India

I. Rashmi and A.K. Biswas

Keywords: Phosphorus sorption, P adsorption maxima, black soil, red soil, alluvial soil

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Research Article

Ultrasound Assisted Synthesis of Tryptanthrins Catalyzed By Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles

Sonatai Patil, Ananda Mane, Savita Dhongade-Desai

Keywords: Heterogeneous catalysis, Zinc Oxide nanoparticles, Trypthanthrin, Ultrasonication

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Research Article

Comparative Biology of Shoot Fly, Atherigona Soccata (Rondani) on Susceptible, Resistant Genotypes and Its F1 Hybrid of Sorghum

S. Sekar, S. Jeyarani and N. Kumaravadivel

Keywords: Shoot fly, biology, IS 2205 (Resistant genotype), K8 (Susceptible genotype)

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Review Article

Application of Electrospray Atomization (EA) – A Review Article

Macwan Avanee Jitendra, Samit Dutta and Macwan Amee Jitendra

Keywords: Electrospray, Electrospinning, Atomization, Encapsulation

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Research Article

1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Reactions and Nitrones : An Overview

Sumana Sengupta

Keywords: 1,3-DC, nitrones, dipolarophiles, cycloadducts, FMO

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Review Article

Salicylic Acid Enhanced Low Temperature Stress Tolerance in Vegetables: A Review

Yogendra K Meena and Nirmaljit Kaur

Keywords: Photosnthetic pigments, osmoprotectants, antioxidant enzyme, growth, yield and quality

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Research Article

Effect of N, Zn and Fe application on N, P, K content and total uptake in parmal rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Dipender Kumar, S.S. Dhaliwal, R.S. Uppal, R.K.Naresh and Yogesh Kataria

Keywords: Parmal rice, nutrient uptake, nitrogen, zinc, iron

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Review Article

Carbon footprint is an indicator of sustainability in Rice-Wheat cropping system: A Review

R Mittal, B Chakrabarti, T Jindal, A Tripathi, U Mina, R Dhupper, D Chakraborty, RS Jatav, and RC Harit

Keywords: Rice-wheat cropping system (RWCS), Greenhouse gas (GHGS), Carbon footprint (CFP), Sustainability of RWCS

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Research Article

Response of Various Strains of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF) vis-à-vis Biochemical Enhancement in Onion (Allium cepa L.) cv. Agrifound Light Red

Anand Kumar, Anand Kumar Singh, Durga Prasad Moharana, Amrita Kumari, and Niraj Kumar

Keywords: Allium cepa L., arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, symbiosis, biochemical attributes

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Research Article

Physico-chemical and Sensory evaluation of Cookies prepared from Wheat and Defatted Soy Flour

Zarka Danish and Neelash Chauhan

Keywords: cookies, defatted soy flour, stevia, physio-chemical characteristics, sensory

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Research Article

Optimization of Dehydration Techniques for Colour Retention and Other Qualitative Attributes of Gerbera (Gerbera hybrida) cv. ‘Ruby Red’

Namita, Ritu Jain, T. Janakiram, Prem Lata Singh, S. S. Sindhu, Sapna Panwar and Rohit Pinder

Keywords: Dehydration, Flower colour, Gerbera hybrida, Qualitative attributes

Article CS302049051 • PDF

Research Article

Productivity and Water use Efficiency of Summer Pearlmillet (Pennisetum glaucum L.) Hybrids as Influenced by Irrigation Scheduling in Eastern Uttar Pradesh Plains

Shubham, Thomas Abraham, Neha and Preeti choudhary

Keywords: Cumulative pan evaporation, economics, hybrids, irrigation schedule, pearlmillet

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Research Article

Edible Salt Enriched with Ferrous Sulphate Along with Low Cost Benefit Ratio (C:B) Helps in Curbing Iron Deficiency Anaemia (IDA)

Shikha Bathla and Kiran Grover

Keywords: Anaemia, adolescents, iron, diet

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Research Article

Studies on Irrigation and Nutrient Interactions in Sweet Orange (Citrus Sinensis Osbeck)

S.M. Jogdand and D.D. Jagtap

Keywords: Nutrient Interactions, Irrigation Studies, Citrus sinensis Osbeck, Sweet orange

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Research Article

Evaluation of Indirect Solar Dryer for Drying of Some Wild Fruits Grown in Western Himalayan Region

Ankush, Rakesh Sharma, RK Aggarwal and SK Bhardwaj

Keywords: Wild fruits, solar dryer, cabinet dryer, physico-chemical and sensory

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Research Article

Study of Gene Effects for Some Quantitative Traits in Upland Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Sonika and R. S. Sangwan

Keywords: Additive, Dominance, Epistasis, Gene effects, Generation mean analysis

Article CS202049071 • PDF

Review Article

A Review on Blending of Oils and Their Functional and Nutritional Benefits

Akriti Dhyani, Rajni Chopra, and Meenakshi Garg

Keywords: Edible oil, Blending, Blended oils, Fatty acid composition, Oxidative stability, Functional properties, Nutritional benefits

Article CS062049071 • PDF

Research Article

Studies on the response of different silkworm (Bombyx mori L.) breeds to chloroform exposure at different time durations

N. A. Ganie, K. A. Dar, M. Younus Wani, Asif Rafiq, S. Mehraj and I. L. Khan

Keywords: Amylase, Breed, Bombyx mori, Chloroform and Gut juice

Article CS072049081 • PDF

Research Article

Influence of Storage on Microbial Content of Value added Shrikhand

Srinivas, Jessie Suneetha W, B. Anila Kumari, K. Uma Maheswari and N. Krishnaiah

Keywords: Fermented products, yoghurt, value added shrikhand, Lactobacillus lacti, shelf life of shrikhand

Article CS022049071 • PDF