Issue 21


Volume 6, Issue 21, 2017 (January – March)

(Issue Completed – Full Text Available)

Research Article

Synthesis and Quantum Chemical Calculations of 2,4-dioxopentanoic Acid Derivatives-Part I

Murat Saracoglu, Fatma Kandemirli, Ayhan Ozalp, and Zulbiye Kokbudak

Keywords: Furan-2,3-dione; Nitrogenous nucleophiles; 2,4-dioxopentanoic acid; Quantum chemical calculations.

Article CS28204707 • PDF

Research Article

Metabolites of Endophytic Fungi Isolated from Euphorbia Hirta Growing in Southern Nigeria

Mark O. Akpotu, Peter M. Eze, Chika C. Abba, Charles U. Nwachukwu, Festus B. C. Okoye, and Charles O. Esimone

Keywords: Euphorbia hirta, Endophytic fungi, Secondary metabolites, HPLC-DAD analysis

Article CS142048011 • PDF

Research Article

Experimental and Theoretical Studies on the Corrosion Inhibition Performance of a Synthesized Schiff Base on the Corrosion of Mild Steel in HCl Solution

P Nithya, S Rameshkumar, and A Sankar

Keywords: Corrosion, Mild Steel, Inhibitors, PZC, Quantum chemical Studies.

Article CS102047101 • PDF

Research Article

Evaluating Fluoride Contamination in Groundwater of Barmer District, Rajasthan by GIS

Archana Singh, Anurika Mehta, and Rakesh Duggal

Keywords: Fluoride concentration, Safe drinking water, Groundwater contamination, GIS

Article CS042048071 • PDF

Research Article

Evaluation of Antioxidant Activity in Different Cultivars of Aonla (Emblica Officinalis G.) Under Ambient Conditions

Poonam Kumari, Archana Brar, and Jitender Kumar

Keywords: Aonla, Cultivars, Room Temperature, Ascorbic Acid and Antioxidant Activity

Article CS062048012 • PDF

Research Article

Photocatalytic Degradation of Direct Blue 1 Dye Using ZnO in Presence of Visible light

Prakash More, Brijesh Pare and David Swami

Keywords: Advanced Oxidation Processes, Zinc oxide, Direct Blue1, Wastewater Treatment, Visible light, Mineralization.

Article CS142048111 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of NPK, Biofertilizers and Plant Spacings on Growth and Yield of African Marigold (Tagetes erecta Linn.)

Manoj Kumar Rolaniya, S.K. Khandelwal, Sunita Koodi1, Saroj R. Sepat, and A. Choudhary

Keywords: African marigold, NPK, biofertilizers and plant spacing

Article CS092048012• PDF

Research Article

Evaluation of Chlorophyll and Cellulose Content in Different Varieties of Aonla during Room Temperature Storage

Poonam Kumari, Archana Brar, and Jitender Kumar

Keywords: Aonla, cellulose, chlorophyll content, fibre

Article CS062048013• PDF

Research Article

Efficacy of Blossom Thinners on Flowering, Fruit Retention and Yield Attributes in Plum (Prunus Saliciana L.) cv. ‘Kala Amritsari’

Siddharth Bhatt, D. C. Dimri, V. K. Rao, A. K. Singh, Y. Pandey and K. K. Pande

Keywords: ATS, Blossom, Plum, Thinning, Days to maturity

Article CS102048011• PDF

Research Article

Use of Early Harvested Potato Tubers as Seed

Vineeta Pandey, Vandana A. Kumar and Archana Brar

Keywords: Potato, weight loss, dormancy, sprouting

Article CS102048012 • PDF

Research Article

Evaluation of Antifungal Activity of Seaweed Extract (Turbinaria conoides) Against Fusarium oxysporum

Ameer Junaithal Begum, P. Selvaraju and A. Vijayakumar

Article CS132048011 • PDF

Research Article

Kinetic and Mechanistic Study of Oxidation of Pyrimidines by Sodium Chromate and Hydrogen Peroxide System in Presence of Ascorbic acid and Protection by Riboflavin

Sudha Swaraga, M. Sneha Bhavani and Vasudevan Sruthi

Keywords: Oxidation of pyrimidines, Chromium (VI), Hydrogen peroxide, ascorbic acid, Chromium-Ascorbate complex, Protection by riboflavin

Article CS112047121• PDF

Research Article

Performance of Grafts of Different Scion Varieties on Local Desi Rootstock of Mango (Mangifera indica L.) under Nursery Conditions

Sukhjit  Kaur

Keywords: Grafts, Mango, Rootstock, Scion, Wedge grafting

Article CS152048011 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of Sulphur and Molybdenum on Yield Attributes, Yield and Economics of Fenugreek

Mahendra Singh Manohar, A.C. Shivran and Ashok Choudhary

Keywords: Fenugreek, Molybdenum, Net Returns, Sulphur and Yield

Article CS162048012 • PDF

Research Article

Influence of Dormex on the Biochemical Dynamics and Bud Break of Dormant Kiwifruit (Actinidia deliciosa Chev.) Vines

Babita and Rana Vishal S

Keywords: Dormex, kiwifruit, catalase, peroxidase, C/N, bud break, full bloom, fruit set, total fruit yield

Article CS162048011 • PDF

Research Article

Suitability of Sulphur and Molybdenum on Quality and Yield of Fenugreek on Sandy Loam Soil of Rajasthan

Mahendra Singh Manohar, A.C. Shivran and Ashok Choudhary

Keywords: Fenugreek, Molybdenum, Net Returns, , Sulphur and Yield

Article CS162048013 • PDF

Research Article

Genetic Analysis for Yield and Quality Traits in Maize (Zea mays L.)

Yogesh Pandey, R. P. Vyas, H. C. Singh, Lokendra Singh, P. C. Yadav, Vishwanath and S. K. Gupta

Keywords: Direct seeding, sowing dates, different maturity class’s cultivar, yield attributes, yield

Article CS182048012 • PDF

Review Article

Biochemical and Phytochemical Properties of Potato: A Review

Archana Brar, A. K. Bhatia, Vineeta Pandey, and Poonam Kumari

Keywords:  Potato, ascorbic acid, Phenolic content, Sugars, Dry matter, Starch Content, Carotene, Flavionoids

Article CS182048013 • PDF

Research Article

Assessment of Genetic Integrity in Plants Regenerated by Organogenesis from Callus Culture of Strawberry

Anuradha, S.K. Sehrawat, and D.S. Dahiya

Keywords: In vitro propagation, strawberry, auxins, cytokinins, genetic fidelity

Article CS182048014 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of UVC Rays on Aqua Suspension Formulations of Metarhizium Anisopliae (Metschnikoff) Sorokin

D. Patil, R. S. Jadhav, and S. A. Raut

Keywords: Metarhizium anisopliae, media, yeast extract, Ultraviolet, formulations, biomass

Article CS182048015 • PDF

Research Article

Sorption Behaviour of Metribuzin in Tomato Growing Soils

J.D. Saritha, T. Ram Prakash, P.C. Rao, and M. Madhavi

Keywords: Metribuzin, Adsorption, Desorption, Freundlich adsorption coefficient, Hysteresis

Article CS192048012 • PDF

Research Article

Yield and Yield Attributes as Affected by Different Sowing Dates and Different Maturity Classes Cultivar on Direct Seeded Rice

Sucheta Dahiya, S. S. Punia, Jagdev Singh, Suresh Kumar Kakraliya, Balwinder Singh, H. S. Jat, and R. K. Malik

Keywords: Direct seeding, sowing dates, different maturity class’s cultivar, yield attributes, yield

Article CS242048011 • PDF

Research Article

Relationship between Soil Physico-Chemical Properties and Available Macronutrients in Loamy Sand Soils

Mukesh Kumar, S.R. Yadav and Mangilal

Keywords: Correlation, macronutrient and organic carbon

Article CS312048011 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of UVC Rays on Aqua Suspension Formulations of Nomuraea Rileyi (Farlow) Samson

D. Patil, R. S. Jadhav, and S. A. Raut

Keywords: Nomuraea rileyi, media, yeast extract, Ultraviolet, formulations, biomass

Article CS182048016 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of TiO2 Nano-filler on Dielectric Studies of PVP based Solid Polymer Electrolytes Shahenoor Basha, G. Sunita Sundari, K. Vijay Kumar and M.C. Rao

Keywords: Polymer electrolytes, PVP, MgSO4.7H2O, TiO2, Ionic Conductivity and Dielectric studies

Article CS012048022 • PDF

Research Article

Interactive Effect of Water Regime and Fertigation on Nutrient Availability in Soil, Fruit Yield, Economics and Leaf Nutrient Content in Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis Osbeck) cv. Mosambi

Harish Kumar, P.K. Yadav, A.K. Singh, P. Singh, Dinesh Kumar, Jitendra Singh Shekhawat and Anand Kumar

Keywords: water regime, fertigation, sweet orange

Article CS042048023 • PDF

Research Article

Storage Effect on Physio-Chemical and Sensory Attributes of Mango Squash Beverage

Pinkoo Singh, G.R. Singh, Tarun Kumar, Ankit Singh and Yogendra Singh

Keywords: Mango, optical density, TSS, squash, storage.

Article CS062048011 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of Potassium and Sulphur on Growth, Yield attributes and Yield of Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)

Ramswaroop Jat, Sita Ram Naga, Rajsingh Choudhary, Shyopal Jat, and Manoj Kumar Rolaniya

Keywords: Potassium, Sulphur, Growth, Yield attributes, Yield

Article CS192048011 • PDF

Research Article

Geochemical interpretations of laterite associated soils of east coast Andhra Pradesh

Bhaskara Phaneendra Bhaskar and Gopal Tiwari

Keywords: Ferruginous soils, Nellore schist belt, Somasila project, Weathering indices

Article CS302048011 • PDF

Research Article

Formulation of Whey Based Pineapple Herbal Beverages and Its Storage Conditions

Kapil Kumar, Jaivir Singh, Suresh Chandra, and Samsher

Keywords: Pineapple, whey, beverage, mint, storage and ANOVA test

Article CS302048012 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of Direct Application of Mussoorie Rock Phosphate on Soil Chemical Properties and Spinach (Spinacia Oleracia) Productivity in Alluvial Soil

Mohammad Halim Khan and Mohammad Kaleem

Keywords: Mussoorie rock phosphate; soil chemical properties; productivity; micronutrients; heavy metals; spinach yield

Article CS302048013 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of sowing date and spacing on growth, yield and quality of Broccoli (Brassica oleracea var. italica) var. Green Head

Vinod Suthar, K. Aravindakshan and P. K. Bola

Keywords: Brassica oleracea, head, broccoli, sowing date, spacing

Article CS302048015 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of plant growth regulators and micronutrients on growth and yield of sweet orange (Citrus sinensis L. Osbeck) cv. Mosambi

Shraddha Neware, Indira Yadav and Bharat Meena

Keywords: Citrus sinensis L., Micronutrients, Growth regulators, Growth, Yield

Article CS012048021 • PDF

Research Article

Bio control Efficacy of Entomopathogenic Nematodes against Black Cutworms, Agrotis ipsilon (Hufnagel) (Noctuidae: Lepidoptera) in Potato

Sharmila Radhakrishnan, Subramanian Shanmugam and Rajesh Ramasamy

Keywords: Entomopathogenic nematodes, H. indica, S. glaseri, A. ipsilon, larval morality, tuber damage.

Article CS032048021 • PDF

Research Article

Estimation of irrigation water requirement of drip irrigated bell pepper (capsicum annuum l.var. Grossum) in Jhalawar district of Rajasthan

C K Arya, R C Purohit, L K Dashora, P K Singh and Mahesh Kothari

Keywords: Capsicum, CROPWAT, Irrigation requirement, Reference evapotranspiration

Article CS042048022 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of Low Dose Early Post Emergence Herbicide on Growth and Yield of Transplanted Rice Crop

Murali Arthanari, P*, S.Gowthami, C.Chinnusamy, R.Sathyapriya and V.Hariharasudhan

Keywords: Transplanted rice, bispyribac sodium, early post emergence herbicide

Article CS052048021 • PDF

Research Article

Genetic Stability Assessment of In-Vitro Propagated Celastrus Paniculatus Using DNA Based Markers

Pranay Kumar and Anusree Anand

Keywords: Celastrus paniculatus, endangered, in-vitro propagation, genetic fidelity, RAPD marker

Article CS062048021 • PDF

Review Article

An Overview of Antioxidant and free Radicals- A Review Article

Khanin Pathak, Syed Wasifur Rahman, and Sudhansu Bhagawati

Keywords: Antioxidant, free radical, reactive oxygen species, reactive nitrogen species

Article CS072048021 • PDF

Research Article

Source Prediction of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Marshy Soils and Sediments in Warri City, Southern Nigeria

I.E. Agbozu, O.E. Oghama, and A.V. Bayowa

Keywords: PAHs, Marshy Soil, Source Prediction, Benzo(a)pyrene, Gas Chromatography, Flame Ionization detector

Article CS072048022 • PDF

Research Article

Water expense efficiency and Economics of Basmati rice (Oryza sativa L.) grown in System of rice intensification under different nutrient management practices and transplanting windows

Arpita Sharma, D. Kachroo, R. Puniya, Ashu Sharma, Sapna Bhagat, Deepa Joshi, P.G. Soni, Taramani Yadav and M. R. Yadav

Keywords: Potato, weight loss, dormancy, sprouting

Article CS092048021 • PDF

Research Article

Process Optimization for the Development of Value Added Chicken Meat Sausages

D. Maheswara Reddy, A. Jagadeesh Babu, B. Eswara Rao, P.R.S Moorthy and S. Vani

Keywords: Chicken meat sausages, Sorghum, Oat and Barley flours, value addition

Article CS092048023 • PDF

Research Article

Evaluation of Different Culture Media, Fungicides and Bio Control Agents on the Growth of Phytopthora Capsici Leonian. Causing Foot Rot of Black Pepper in Vitro

Lydia M. Thomas and B. Gangadhara Naik

Keywords: Black pepper, Phytophthora capsici, oat meal agar, V8 juice agar, potato dextrose agar, rye agar A, Azoxystrobin, Pseudomonas fluorescens

Article CS092048024 • PDF

Research Article

Assessing the Requirement of Mineral Nutrients of Pteridophytes of Vindhyan Region (Madhya Pradesh)

Anamika Pathak, Naveen Gaurav, Anoop Singh, Arun Kumar, and A. P. Singh

Keywords: Necessary nutrients, Macronutrients, N, P, K, Ca, S. Mg, Micronutrients, B, Cl, Mn, Fe, Zn, Cu, Mo, Ni

Article CS102048022 • PDF

Research Article

The Present Review Focus on Preparation of Dehydrated Tomato Powder by Different Drying Condition with Pre-Treatments

Vishal Kumar, Sweta Singh and B. R. Singh

Keywords: Drying methods, dried tomato, drying rate, lycopene

Article CS112048011 • PDF

Research Article

Knowledge level of the Farmers towards the Eco Friendly Conservation Practices in TheNilgiris District of Western Ghats

L. Murali Krishnan, H. Philip and Quadri Javeed Ahmad Peer

Keywords: Knowledge, knowledge test, Eco-friendly conservation practices

Article CS122048021 • PDF

Research Article

African marigold is Response to foliar application of Zinc and Salicylic acid

A. Choudhary, A. Mishra, Manoj Kumar Rolaniya, M. Dhayal, Rajesh Choudhary and Asha Sharma

Keywords: African marigold, Zinc, Salicylic acid, PusaNarangiGainda

Article CS112048011 • PDF

Research Article

Statical analysis on Growth and Quality on Gladiolus (Gladiolus hybridus Hort.

K. K. Nagar, A. Mishra, S. S. Patil and P. K. Bola

Keywords: varieties, planting dates, gladiolus, Correlation and regression

Article CS192048013 • PDF

Research Article

Evaluation of Clodinafop-propargyl 15 WDG as a New Formulation against Weeds in Wheat

V. S. Hooda, Meenakshi Sangwan and Meena Sewhag

Keywords: clodinafop-propargyl, WDG, herbicide, weeds, wheat, residual toxicity

Article CS192048014 • PDF

Research Article

Impact and constraints of farm pond based watershed development in the Hassan district of Karnataka

L.Muralikrishnan, B. Kakade, Premlatasingh and Quadri Javeed Ahmad Peer

Keywords: Farm pond based water shed, Sustainable management, Agro forestry practices, Standard of living

Article CS122048023 • PDF

Research Article

Chitosan and Shelf Life of Fruits: A Review

P. K. Bola, S. K. Jain, and Anupama

Keywords: Chitosan, Fruits, Postharvest losses, Shelf life improvement

Article CS302048014 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of Planting Dates and Varieties on Growth and Flowering on Gladiolus (Gladiolus hybridus Hort.) Under Sub-Humid Zone of Rajasthan

K. K. Nagar, A. Mishra, S. S. Patil, and P. K. Bola

Keywords: varieties, planting dates, gladiolus, spike

Article CS302048016 • PDF

Research Article

Growth and Physiological Response of Jatropha Curcas to Different Concentrations of Iron in Soil

Preeti Badoni, Maya Kumari, Vikas Y Patade and Atul Grover

Keywords: Jatropha curcas, micronutrient, Fe concentrations, growth parameters, toxicity, phytoremediation

Article CS312048013 • PDF

Research Article

Effective Manipulation of Potato Storage Timing Enable Seed Production as Summer and Winter Crop Consequently in Year

Vineeta Pandey and Vandana A. Kumar

Keywords: Potato, early harvest, storage, summer, winter

Article CS072048023 • PDF

Research Article

Response of Pulses to Salt Stress – a Review

D. Udhaya Nandhini, T. Venmathi and M. Rajasekar

Keywords: Legumes, Salt stress, Morphological, Physiological responses, metabolism

Article CS072048024 • PDF

Research Article

Influenced of Organic, Inorganic Manures and Plant Density on Growth and Yield of Radish (Raphanus Sativas L.)

Priynka Kumari Jat, S.P. Singh, Sajana Devi and Manoj Kumar Rolaniya

Keywords: FYM, Growth, NPK, Plant density, Radish, RDF, Vermicompost and Yield

Article CS072048025 • PDF

Research Article

Physicochemical and Antioxidant Properties of Maillard Reaction Product Incorporated Ice Cream

Arashdeep Singh and Usha Bajwa

Keywords: Ice cream, Cookie, Cake, Physicochemical, Sensory Quality, First Dripping Time, Melting Rate

Article CS102048023 • PDF

Research Article

A Comparative Analysis of Managerial Approach in Small and Large Apple Orchards of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir States of India – an Economic Perspective

Abdul Rauf, S. A. Saraf, P. A. Khan, and Q. J. A. Peer

Keywords: Practice of management, Small and Large orchards, Apple

Article CS122048024 • PDF

Research Article

Physicochemical and Phytochemical Screening of Aqueous and Ethanolic Extracts of Costus Pictus D. Don and Enicostema Littorale Blum.

P.V. Meshram, S.D. Moregaonkar, M.M. Gatne, R.V. Gaikwad, R.J. Zende, S.D. Ingole and G.R. Vanage

Keywords: Costus pictus, Enicostema littorale, physicochemical, phytochemistry, hypoglycaemia, drug discovery

Article CS142048021 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of Pre-Biotic and Pro-Biotic Dietary Supplementation in Growing Pigs

D. Maheswara Reddy, G. Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy, and S. Vani

Keywords: Pre-biotic, Pro-biotic, pigs, growth performance, nutrient utilization, faecal microflora

Article CS142048023 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of Different Bicarbonates as Leavening Agents in Combination on Product Characteristics of Cookies and Cake

Savita Sharma, Tejinder Singh, Arashdeep Singh, Baljit Singh and Amarjeet Kaur

Keywords: leavening agents, acid calcium phosphate, cookies, cake, sensory quality

Article CS152048023 • PDF

Research Article

A Bayesian Approach Estimation of Technical Efficiency in Paddy Farms of Canal Irrigated Systems in Tamil Nadu

L. Vasanthi, B. Sivasankari, J. Gitanjali, and R. Paramasivam

Keywords: Rice, Canal Irrigation, Technical Efficiency, Translog Production Function, Stochastic Frontier, Bayesian Estimation

Article CS172048022 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of Various Additives on Efficiency of Earthworm to Convert Obnoxious Weeds into Vermicompost

Ashish Tiwari, Reenu Singh, S.B. Agrawal, and Anay Rawat

Keywords: Additives, earthworms, vermicompost, decomposition and obnoxious weeds

Article CS182048021 • PDF

Research Article

Build-up of Soil Fluoride under Wheat and Mustard Crop Irrigated with Different Categories of Fluoride Water

Rajendra Kumar Jakhar, I.J. Gulati, Narendra Kumawat, and R.R. Jakhar

Keywords: Fluoride water, Wheat, Mustard, Build- up

Article CS202048021 • PDF

Research Article

Evaluation of Grain Quality of Maize, Rice and Wheat Under Different Tillage, Mulching and Fertilizer Management Practices

Todar Mal, S S Walia and Amarjeet Kaur

Keywords: β-carotene, Fertilizers, FYM, Milled rice, Protein content, Quality

Article CS222048022 • PDF

Research Article

Study of Genetic Variability for vegetative and flowering characters in Palash [Butea monosperma L.]

Dalveer Singh, Ashutosh Mishra, S.K. Moond, Pawan Kumar Pareek, Vinod Suthar, and P. K. Bola

Keywords: Genetic variability, GCV, PCV

Article CS222048023 • PDF

Research Article

Standardization of Pulsing Treatments for Improving the Vase life of Gladiolus (Gladiolus grandiflorus L.)

Ritu Jain, Prabhat Kumar, Kishan Swaroop and Rohit Pinder

Keywords: Gladiolus, Pulsing, Sucrose, 8-HQC, Aluminium sulphate

Article CS232048021 • PDF

Research Article

Aerobic Rice: Physiological Aspect and Management Techniques – A Review

Zahida R, Shahid B Dar, Mudasir R, Suhail I, R H Kanth, Rakshanda A, Aijaz M, and Sadaf Iqbal

Keywords: Aerobic rice, Nitrate reductase, soluble protein, Indole acetic acid oxidase, Proline

Article CS232048022 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of NPK, FYM and Vermicompost on Growth, Yield and Quality of Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas Lam.)

Sunita Koodi, S.P Singh, Manoj Kumar Rolaniya, Suman Gathala, and Rajbala Choudhary

Keywords: Sweet potato, NPK, FYM, Vermicompost, Growth, Quality, Yield

Article CS242048021 • PDF

Research Article

Varietal Evaluation of Gerbera Cultivars under Shade Net Conditions

Babita Singh, Rohit Pinder, Ranjan Srivastava and Harendra Yadav

Keywords: Gerbera, Shade net, vegetative growth, flower yield, Vase life

Article CS282048021 • PDF

Research Article

Quantification of Organic Acids (on Fresh Weight Basis) Present on the Leaf Surface in Transgenic Chickpea Lines Using HPLC

O. Shaila, H. C. Sharma, T. Ramesh Babu, and S. P. Sharma

Keywords: Organic acids, Transgenic chickpea lines, HPLC

Article CS282048022 • PDF

Research Article

Production Efficiency of Maize with Legumes Intercropping and Weed Management Under Rainfed Condition

Sanjay Kumar Patel, Mohammad Halim Khan and Mohd. Kaleem

Keywords: LER; RCC; AI; Maize; legume; Intercropping

Article CS032048032 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of Pre and Post Emergence Herbicides on Growth and Yield of Bt Cotton under Varied Agro Meteorological Environments

V. Hariharasudhan, C. Chinnusamy, and N. K. Prabhakaran

Keywords: Bt cotton, herbicides, pendimethalin, pyrithiobac sodium, time of sowing

Article CS042048031 • PDF

Research Article

Variability in Physico-chemical Characteristics of Plum Genotypes Collected from Kumaon Hills of Uttarakhand

Arun Kishor, Raj Narayan, Manoj Brijwal, Anil Kumar, Brij Lal Attri, Sovan Debnath and Kamal Kishor Joshi

Keywords: Plum, collection, evaluation, physico-chemical and quality

Article CS042048032 • PDF

Research Article

Optimization of Spray Drying Conditions for Production of Aloe-Vera Powder

Preetinder Kaur, Amrit Kaur, and Nitin Kumar

Keywords: Maltodextrin, Aloe-vera powder, Response surface methodology, Spray drying

Article CS062048032 • PDF

Research Article

Effective Control Measure of Tobacco Caterpillar (Spodoptera Litura) on Soybean Through Various Insecticides

Anil Kumar Sharma, Ashwani Kumar, and Bheru Lal Kumhar

Keywords: Tobacco caterpillar (Spodoptera litura Fab.), Soybean and insecticide

Article CS062048033 • PDF

Research Article

Genetic Divergence, Character Association and Path Coefficient Analysis for Yield Attributing Traits in Pearl Millet [Pennisetum Glaucum (L.) R. Br] Inbreds

Mamta Nehra, Mukesh Kumar, Jyoti Kaushik, Dev Vart, Rajesh Kumar Sharma, and M S Punia

Keywords: Pearl millet, inbred, genetic advance, heritability, correlation, path coefficient

Article CS072048031 • PDF

Research Article

Genotypic Variation for Important Biochemical Constituents in Marigold

Renu Gulia, Bijender Singh Beniwal, Sonu Sheoran, and Jitender Kumar Sandooja

Keywords: Carotenoids, Xanthophyll, Chlorophyll, Genotype, Marigold

Article CS072048032 • PDF

Research Article

Variability, Correlation and Path Analysis in Pea (Pisum Sativum L.) Genotypes Under Western Himalayan Conditions

Shilpa Devi, Manish Kumar, Kuldeep Thakur, N K Bharat, R K Dogra, and Arvind Nagar

Keywords: Diverse, Genotype, Heritability, Variability

Article CS072048035 • PDF

Research Article

Early Post Emergence Herbicide and Their Influence on Weed Population Dynamics in Transplanted Rice (Oryza Sativa L.)

Murali Arthanari, P, S. Gowthami, C. Chinnusamy, R. Sathya Priya, and V. Hariharasudhan

Keywords: Transplanted rice, bispyribac sodium, early post emergence herbicide, Weed population dyamics

Article CS082048031 • PDF

Research Article

Impact of Integrated Nutrient Management on Soil Fertility and Nutrient Uptake of Ratoon Sugarcane

S. Udayakumar, K. Baskar, B.Bhakiyathu Saliha, and C. Jemila

Keywords: Ratoon sugarcane, Soil fertility, Nutrient uptake, Integrated nutrient management

Article CS082048033 • PDF

Research Article

Variability, Correlation and path Analysis Studies in Pumpkin (Cucurbita Moschata Duchesne ex Poir.)

Arvind Nagar, Amish Kumar Sureja, Abhijit Kar, Rakesh Bhardwaj, S. Gopala Krishnan and Anilabha Das Munshi

Keywords: Correlation, Cucurbita moschata, Genetic gain, Heritability

Article CS102048031 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of Humic Acid and Micro Nutrients on Growth and Yield of Poly House Grown Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.)

K D Ameta, S. K. Sharma, R. B. Dubey and R A. Kaushik

Keywords: Cucumber, humic acid, polyhouse, yield, micronutrients

Article CS112048031 • PDF

Research Article

Comparative Effect of Green Tea Extract and BHA on Chicken Meat Nuggets During Frozen Storage

D. Maheswara Reddy

Chicken meat nuggets, Green Tea Extract, BHA, Frozen study

Article CS112048034 • PDF

Research Article

Strawberry Yield and Yield Attributes after Application of Plant Growth Regulators and Micronutrients on Cv. Winter Dawn

Indira Yadav, Jitendra Singh, Bharat Meena, Pravin Singh, Sanjay Meena, Shraddha Neware and D. K. Patidar

Keywords: Strawberry, growth regulators and micronutrients, production

Article CS122048032 • PDF

Research Article

Assessment of Some Biochemical Characters of Four Mango Verities (Mangifera India L.) at Different Stages of Fruit Maturity

Siya Ram, Mohammad Halim Khan, and R.P. Singh

Keywords: Mango; fruiting stages; Biochemical characteristics; Nutritional composition.

Article CS112048035 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of Foliar Application of Salicylic Acid and Ethrel on Growth, Yield and Quality of Garlic (Allium Sativum L.) var. G-282

Bharat Meena, Kavita Aravindakshan, I. B. Maurya, Indira Yadav and Dhara Singh

Keywords: Garlic, Salicylic acid, Ethrel, Growth and Yield

Article CS122048034 • PDF

Research Article

A Study of the Operational performance of the Irrigation Network in Eljumoeia Agricultural Scheme

Nagi Elrasheed Abed Allah Alhomodi, Elsadig Elmhadi Ahmed, and Mohamed Abdalmahmoud Elsheekh

Keywords: Irrigation management, Eljumoeia scheme, Conveyance efficiency

Article CS282048023 • PDF

Research Article

Biochemical Constituents Studies in African Marigold Germplasm

Bijender Singh Beniwal, Sonu Sheoran, Renu Gulia, and Raj Pal Singh Dalal

Keywords: Carotenes, Xanthophylls, Chlorophylls, Genotypes, African marigold

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Research Article

Estimation of Diversity Among Various Isolates of Xanthamonas Axonopodis pv. Cyamopsidis Using Molecular Markers

G.L. Kakraliya, N.K. Khatri, M.K. Jat, S. Choudhary, and A.L. Yadav

Keywords: Clusterbean, bacterial blight strains, diversity, molecular marker

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Research Article

Assessment of Thermophilic Fungal strains for Cellulase Production using Chemical Pretreated Rice Straw

Pardeep Kaur, Gurvinder Singh Kocher, Monica Sachdeva Taggar, Sarbjit Singh Sooch and Virendra Kumar

Keywords: Thermophilic, Solid state fermentation, Filter paper, Carboxymethyl cellulase, Cellobiase

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Research Article

Effect of Subclinical and Clinical Mastitis on AST & ALT Alteration in Sheep Milk

Sapana Paithane, Mohini Khodke, Pravin Rathod, and Nagnath Bhojane

Keywords: pH, SSC, AST, ALT, Sheep, Milk

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Research Article

Biochemical Alterations in Broilers Fed with Low Energy Diet and Thiourea During Summer

Nagnath Bhojane, Vinayak Pathak, Madan Joshi, Pravin Rathod, Sunil Hajare, and Mohini Khodke

Keywords: Thyroid gland, thiourea, broiler, biochemical alterations

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Review Article

Nervous System Associated Pathological Conditions in Equines: The True Rivals

Rakesh Kumar, Venkataramireddy Balena, Manish Kharwal, Adya Prakash Rath, Manu Kurian Mathew, Palvi Thakur, Meesam Raza, Ramesh Kumar, Sunita Kundu, and Saroj Kumar

Keywords: Equine, nervous system, bacteria, toxins, diagnosis

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