Volume 5 – Issue 17

Volume 5, Issue 17, 2016 (January – March)


Research Article

Growth, Structural and Spectral Studies on Nonlinear Optical Single Crystal: L-Valine Maleate

C.Usha, R. Santhakumari, S.Valarselvan, R. Jayasree and M.Bhuvaneswari

Keywords : Growth from solution, Characterization, Organic compound, Nonlinear optical material, X-ray diffraction

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Research Article

Synthesis of Some Chalcones and Pyrazoline bearing Chloroqunoline Scaffold as Biologically Active Agents

Devendra J. Kaneriya, Milan S. Vadodaria, Ashok U. Patel and Kartik D. Ladva

Keywords : Chloroquinolininechalcones, in vitro antimicrobial activity, chloroquinolinine pyrazolines, potent pharmacological agents

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Research Article

(E)-3-[thiophen-2-ylmethyleneamino]benzoic Acid: Structural and Corrosion Inhibition Studies

Nimmy Kuriakose, Joby Thomas K, Vinod P Raphael and Shaju K S

Keywords : Schiff base, corrosion inhibitors, isotherm

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Research Article

Acid Rain-A Specific type of Pollution: Its concept, causes, effects and tentative solutions

Mamta Bhardwaj

Keywords : Acid Rain, Oxides of Nitrogen and Sulpher, Acid Deposition

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Research Article

Comparative Analysis of Medicinal Properties of the Bark and Leaves of Tectona grandis

Oke, David Gbenga and Ogunjimi, Babatunde Emmanuel

Keywords : Tectona grandis, proximate and phytochemicals

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Research Article

Ag (I) catalysed autoxidation of S (IV) and its inhibition by Iso propyl alcohol in acidic medium

Arun Kumar Sharma, P. Parashar, A.K. Gupta, Rashmi Sharma and D. S. N. Prasad

Keywords : Kinetics, Autoxidation, S(IV), Ag(I), Catalysis, Inhibition, Iso propyl alcohol

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Research Article

Green Extraction of Dyes from Solanum xanthocarpum Leaves

Sindhu V.Tayade, Shobhnath Pandey and Anita S. Goswami Giri

Keywords : Natural Dyes, eco-friendly, Green extraction, Solanum xanthocarpum

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Research Article

Synthesis and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Some Novel Diazo Derivative of Cyclic Imides Using Diazotization Coupling Reaction

Milind M. Patil and Shankarsing S. Rajput

Keywords : azo coupling, diazotization, coupling reaction, cyclic imides, antimicrobial activity

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Research Article

Interplays of Nanosilver and Medicinal Domain: Implications and Perspectives

Ashu Chaudhary and Ekta Rawat

Keywords : Nanoparticles, Nanotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Biomedical

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Research Article

Heliconia rostrata Flower Extract – A New Eco-Friendly Inhibitor for Mild steel Acid Corrosion

A.Mathina and R.Rajalakshmi

Keywords : Heliconia rostrata, corrosion inhibition, Potentiodynamic polarization, SEM, Acid Medium

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Research Article

Corrosion Inhibition of Mild steel in 1M HCl in the Presence of Spathodea campanulata Leaves and Flowers

Prithiba A and Rajalakshmi R

Keywords : Corrosion, inhibitor, Spathodea, Mass loss, campanulata leaves, flower, Electrochemical techniques, SEM-EDAX

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Research Article

Heterobimetallic Complexes: A Window into Medicinal Chemistry

Ashu Chaudhary, Anshul Singh, Ekta Rawat and R.V. Singh

Keywords : Bimetallic complexes, heterobimetallic complexes, antifungal activity, antibacterial activity, antitumor activity

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Research Article

Phytochemical, in vitro antioxidant and antibacterial activity of flower extracts of Tiliacora acuminata (Lam.) Hook. f. & Thoms (Menispermaceae)

A. Nishanthini, V.R. Mohan and S. Jeeva

Keywords : Tiliacora acuminata, Phytochemical screening, FT-IR, antioxidant, antibacterial, P. mirabilis and S. pyogenes

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Research Article

Influence of Ultrafine Structure on the Properties of the Steel Strip, Rolled on the Longitudinal Wedge Mill

Auezkhan Turdaliev, Aigerim Mashekova, Serik Mashekov, Nurlan Bazhaev

Keywords : metal rolling, a rolling mill, a steel slab, structure, strain-stress state (SSS)

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Research Article

Design, Synthesis, Computer Modeling and Pharmacological Evaluation of Some New Condensed Pyrimidines

Helmy Sakr

Keywords : Quinazoline, triazinoquiazolines, vinyl quinazolinones, analgesic, anticonvulsant activity

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Research Article

Synthesis and Structure of Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) Nanoparticles in the Presence of Various Surfactants

Asma Khalaf Alshamari and Wafaa Mahmoud Sayed

Keywords : Poly (methyl methacrylate), Nanocomposites, Polymerization, surfactants

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Review Article

Heterobimetallic Complexes as Promising Catalysts

Ashu Chaudhary, Anshul Singh and R. C. Kamboj

Keywords : N-Heterocyclic Carbene, Shibasaki’s Catalyst, Heterobimetallic complexes, Heterobimetallic Zeolite, Polymerization, Hydrosilylation

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Research Article

Phytochemical and Antidiarrhoeal Screening of the Aerial Part of Leptadenia pyrotechnica (Forsk.) Decne

Hamidu Usman, Abubakar Aji, Ibrahim Abdul Ahmed, Ibrahim Mangzhia Wiam and Mohammed Ali Jambaima

Keywords : Leptadenia pyrotechnica, aerial part, phytochemical, antidiarrhoeal

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Research Article

Extraction and Characterization of Cellulose from Agroindustrial Waste of Pineapple (Ananas comosus L. Merrill) Crowns

Gloria Ivette Bolio-López, Rubí Esmeralda Ross-Alcudia, Lucien Veleva, José Antonio Azamar Barrios, Genaro Cadenas Madrigal, Manuel Mateo Hernández-Villegas, Patricia de la Cruz Burelo and Samuel Sánchez Córdova

Keywords : Cellulose, Extraction, Pineapple crown, Ananas comosus, FTIR, XRD

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