Issue 31

Volume 8, Issue 31, 2019 (July – September)

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Review Article

Desalination: A review on Principles, Methods, and Materials

Monnisha Ganesan and Gobi Nallathambi

Keywords: Desalination, Polymer, Nanocomposite, Electrospinning, Permeation Flux

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Review Article

Progress in Development of Portable Colorimeters for On-Site Analyses

Madhan Kathavarayan, Vinothini Vaz Motcham, Hema Anjappan, Kesavan Devarayan

Keywords: Colorimeter, portable, on-site analysis, LED, smart colorimeter, pocket colorimeter, water quality, fisheries

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Research Article

Traditional Ready-To-Use Mix for the Food Basket of Calamity Stranded Evacuees – Analysis of Sensory, Nutritional and Storage Parameters

Pushpa Dhami, Kiran Bains and Harpreet Kaur

Keywords: Sandah guri, ready-to-use, protein, disaster, evacuees

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Review Article

Non-Enzymatic Antioxidant Defence Mechanism in Plants

K. Oberoi

Keywords: Reactive oxygen species, Stress, Antioxidative enzymes, Non-enzymatic substances

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Review Article

Application of Smart Sensors for Monitoring Spoilage of Aquatic Foods

Vinothini Vaz Motcham, Madhan Kathavarayan, Hema Anjappan, Kesavan Devarayan

Keywords: Aqua food spoilage, fish spoilage sensor, nanomaterials, halochromic materials, halochromic sensor, shrimp spoilage, fish freshness

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Research Article

Impact of Ash Pond on the Groundwater Quality In The Vicinity of a Coal –Based Thermal Power Plant

Padmavathi Papolu, Jyotsna Cherukuri and M Anji Reddy

Keywords: Thermal power plant, ash pond, water bodies, contaminants, ground water quality

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Research Article

Quality Characteristics of Paneer from Solar Assisted Heat Exchanger

J B Raol, R R Gajera and M.T. Kumpavat

Keywords: Paneer; Solar; Heat exchanger; Sensory; Hardness; Chemical, Quality

Article CS112050021 PDF

Research Article

Formulated Biofertilizer Improves Wheat Growth, Yield and Nutrient Uptake

Aarti Yadav and Sunita Suneja

Keywords: Bioinoculants, Cell protectants, Glycerol, Gum arabic, Poly vinyl pyrollidone, Triticum aestivum L.

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Research Article

Thinness and Stunting Among School Children in the Perspective of Socio-economic Disparity in Punjab, India 

Sukhdeep Kaur, Kiran Bains and Harpreet Kaur

Keywords: Nutrition, Health, Income, Education, Caste, Religion

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Research Article

Screening for Salt-Tolerant Genotypes of Brassica Juncea L. Based On Growth and Physiological Attributes

Vanya Bawa, Surinder Kumar Gupta, Manmohan Sharma, S. K. Rai, Heena Attri, Rubby Sandhu, and M. Iqbal Jeelani Bhat

Keywords: Brassica juncea, germination, salt stress, salt tolerance

Article CS222049081 PDF

Research Article
Effect of Enzymatic Treatment and Ripening Stages on Physico-Chemical Parameters of Clarified Banana Juices
A.R. Tapre, R.K. Jain and A.S. Kulkarni
Keywords: Banana pulp, ripening stages, enzymatic clarification, clarified juice, pectin, total soluble solids

Article CS042050051 PDF