Extractable Fractions of Sulphur in Major Soils of India

Extractable Fractions of Sulphur in Major Soils of India

Ritesh Kundu1*, Samrat Adhikary1, Dhaneshwar Padhan2, Anindita Das1 and Joy Dutta1

1Department of Agricultural Chemistry and Soil Science, Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, Mohanpur, Nadia,
West Bengal-741252
2Central Sericultural Research and Training Institute, Mysore, Karnataka-570008
Keywords: Sulphur fraction, Heat soluble sulphur, Water soluble sulphur, CaCl2 extractable sulphur and Ca(H2PO4)2 extractable sulphur


We evaluated four different methods viz. 0.15% CaCl2, 0.01M Ca(H2PO4)2, water soluble and heat soluble for their extractability of different fractions of sulphur (S) in red, alluvial and black soils of India. Twenty composite soil samples (0-0.2m depth) from each soil types were collected and analyzed for their chemical properties and extractable S fractions. Result showed that the extractability of the different methods followed the order of Ca(H2PO4)2-S > Heat-S > CaCl2-S > Water-S irrespective of soil types. Black soils witnessed with high amount of extractable fractions of sulphur compared to red and alluvial soils. The correlation and regression analysis between soil properties and extractable fractions as well as among the extractable fractions of sulphur was worked out to evaluate the methods. A strong relationship between organic carbon content and heat soluble S was observed irrespective of soil types.


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