Potential Utilization of Tulsi Extract as Natural Preservative for Tuna Fish during Chilled Storage

Potential Utilization of Tulsi Extract as Natural Preservative for Tuna Fish during Chilled Storage

N. K. Suyani1*, Ketul Patel1, S. S. Rathore2 and N. J. Solanki1

1College of Fisheries Science, Junagadh Agricultural University, Veraval, Gujarat, India
2College of Fisheries, Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fisheries Sciences University, Mangalore, Karnataka, India
Keywords: Fish chunk, Tulsi extract, Drip loss, Quality change, Peroxide value

https://doi.org/10.37273/chesci.cs302050121 • PDF


The present study was conducted to assess the effects of tulsi extract or water dip (control) treatments on the physical, chemical and sensorial quality attributes of Big Eye Tuna (Thunnus obesus) chunks during chilled storage for 10 days. Results indicated that control tuna chunks samples have been shown to lose texture, color and gradual deterioration in quality attributes with chilled storage. The rate of these deteriorations are increased as the time of storage progressed. On the other hand, tulsi extract treated tuna chunk samples exhibited significantly higher moisture retention, tenderness and bound water at any given time of chilled storage as compared with control samples. The present work also demonstrated significantly lower values of drip loss and peroxide value and higher sensory quality attributes in tulsi extract treated samples. Results indicated that economic, physical, chemical and sensorial quality advantages have been resulted from soaking Big Eye Tuna chunk in 3% tulsi extract solution for 30 minutes prior to chilling. With these results, we can suggest that 3% tulsi extract treatment would be an alternative way to improve the quality of tuna chunks during chilled storage.


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