Uptake of Micronutrients and Heavy Metals by Tomato Plants Treated with Gray Water

Uptake of Micronutrients and Heavy Metals by Tomato Plants Treated with Gray Water

Deepak Kumar Prabhakar*, Sudip Sarkar and Anand Kumar

Department of Soil Science, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University, Pusa, Bihar -848125
Keywords: Gray water, Micronutrient, Heavy metal, Tomato Plant
https://doi.org/10.37273/chesci.cs20510130  • PDF


Water scarcity can be regard as a major thread in near future, which rises along with increasing population that makes bad impact in the field of agriculture, that force to search for alternative options. Taking care of this view a field experiment was taken on “Uptake of micronutrients and heavy metals by tomato plants treated with gray water” during the Rabi season of 2017 at RPCAU, Pusa, Bihar. Total of 7 treatments taken where gray water and fresh water applied in different proportions. The uptake of micronutrients like zinc, iron, manganese and copper were recorded highest viz. 249.3 g ha-1, 2896.7 g ha-1, 144.3 g ha-1 and 308.0 g kg-1 respectively in 50% grey water along with 50% fresh water treated plants. Whereas, 100% grey water applied plants shows higher heavy metal (lead and chromium) concentrations i.e. 26.5 mg kg-1 and 4.13 mg kg-1 respectively, though nickel and cadmium were not detectable in plant. Use of gray water along with fresh water can help to conserve freshwater sources as well as provide micronutrients to crop.


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