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Issue 22

Volume 6, Issue 22, 2017 (April – June)

Current Issue – In Progress

(April issue – In progress)

Research Article

­­­Effect of Paclobutrazol on Growth and Flowering in Marigold cv. Pusa Narangi Gainda

Hemlata and Anil K. Singh

Keywords: Paclobutrazol, marigold, growth, flower

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Research Article

­­­In Vitro Propagation of Banana via Shoot Tip

Rinku Rani and S.K. Sehrawat

Keywords: in vitro, banana, MS media, sterilization, establishment, shoot multiplication

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Research Article

­­­Evaluation of Oxyfluorfen (23.5% EC) Herbicide on Weed Control, Economics and Profitability of Groundnut in the Western Zone of      Tamil Nadu

R. Sathya Priya, C. Chinnusamy, P. Murali Arthanari, P. Janaki and C. Babu

Keywords: Groundnut, oxyfluorfen, weed control, pod yield, economics, succeeding crops

Article CS032048031 • PDF

Research Article

­­­Evaluationary Study of Coloured Capsicum (Capsicum Annum L.) for Different Coloured Shade Net

Harish Kumar, A.K. Singh, and Pramendra Singh

Keywords: Capsicum, shadenet colour, Yield, Growth

Article CS172048021 • PDF

Research Article

Yield Gap Analysis of Mustard Crop: A Case Study of Village Chomakot in Kota District

Mahendra Singh, M. K. Poonia, K. M. Sharma, M. C. Goyal and B. L. Kumhar

Keywords: Mustard production technology, frontline demonstration, Economics and yield

Article CS052048031 • PDF

Research Article

­­­Genetic variability of Agronomic Traits of Gram (Cicer Arietinum L.) genotypes

Alka Dev, Preeti Verma, and Bheru Lal Kumhar

Keywords: Agronomic traits, variability and mean of parameter

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Research Article

Evaluation of Fenugreek (Trigonella Foenum-Graecum L.) Varieties under Sub-Tropical Condition of Garhwal Himalayas

Malee Ram Jhajhra, D.K. Rana and Arjun Lal Ola

Keywords: Fenugreek, Growth, Variance, Variety and Yield

Article CS062048031 • PDF

Review Article

­­­The Cisgenesis New Tool of Breeding: A Review

S.M. Jogdand, Sandhya Bhat, K.K. Misra, R.L. Lal and Manpreet Singh Preet

Keywords: Agronomic traits, variability and mean of parameter

Article CS102048032 • PDF

Research Article

­­­ Anti-Hyperglycemic Effect of Cereal and Millet Based Modified Starch Substituted Pasta Foods

M. Ilamaran, I. Nousheen Noorul Iyn, S. Kanchana, and B. Sivasankari

Keywords: Cereals and millets, modified starch, pasta products, hypoglycaemic effect

Article CS142048031 • PDF

Research Article

­­­Irrigation Scheduling in Wheat using Tensiometer at Bara District of Nepal

Mitali K. Sah, K. P. Bhurer, Pradeep Shah, Tufail Akhtar, Mathura Yadav and Rumesh Ranjan

Keywords: Irrigation, tensiometer, grain yield, wheat

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Research Article

­­­Yield and Economics of the Oat-Paddy Cropping System Influenced by Tillage and Nutrient Management under Medium Land Condition

Birendra Kumar, Ram Prasad Manjhi, and Supriya Supal Surin

Keywords: Tillage, Nutrient management, RDF, Bio-fertilizer and System yield and B: C ratio

Article CS142048034 • PDF

Research Article

Relative Performance of Fertilizer Levels on Nutrient Uptake and Yield of Pigeonpea Varieties Under Drip Fertigation

R. Jeyajothi and S. Pazhanivelan

Keywords: Pigeonpea, Azophosmet, Drip fertigation, Nutrient uptake, PPFM, Yield

Article CS162048032 • PDF

Research Article

Study on Purple Nutsedge (Cyperus rotundus) Tuber Dormancy and its Control Through Combined Application of Growth Regulator and Herbicides

D. Ravisankar and C. R. Chinnamuthu

Keywords: Purple nutsedge, Tuber dormancy, Cytokynin, Herbicides

Article CS162048033 • PDF

Research Article

­­­Impact of Improved Fruit Production Technology on the Status of Fruits Growers

Sumit Yadav, S. K. Mehta, Rohit Pinder, S.T.K Suraj Dabas, and Varun Mishra

Keywords: Impact, Improved fruit production technology, farmer’s status

Article CS172048031 • PDF

Research Article

­­­Ameliorative Efficacy of Stresroak in Induced Aflatoxicosis in Broilers: A Haematological Study

Pravin Rathod, Govind Gangane, Nagnath Bhojane, Mohini Khodke, and Mayura Gole

Keywords: Stresroak, AflatoxinB1, Broilers, Haematology

Article CS182048032 • PDF

Research Article

Investigation of Different Levels Plant Growth Regulators and Pinching Treatments on Flowering and Yield Parameters of African Marigold (Tagetes Erecta L.)

M Kalaimani, CT. Sathappan, R. Kandasamy and R. Singaravel

Keywords: Flower yield, marigold, pinching, PGR, GA3, NAA, Alar and MH

Article CS212048032 • PDF

Research Article

­­­Developing a New Technique for Rapid Seed Extraction from the Cones of Himalayan Conifer (Pinus Wallichiana A.B. Jackson)

G.M. Bhat, A.H. Mughal, A.R. Malik, and M.A. Islam

Keywords: Blue pine, Cones, Extraction, Germination, Pinus wallichiana, Seed

Article CS212048033 • PDF

Research Article

­­­Pre-Breeding in the Omics Era: A Review in Vegetable Crops

Krishna Prakash, Rahul Kumar, Nitish Ranjan Prakash, and Shivani Singh, Lalbahadur Singh

Keywords: conventional breeding; cultivar development; pre-breeding; omics technologies

Article CS142048033 • PDF

Research Article

­­­Analysis of Phenological Development, Production Potentials and Quality Characteristics of Gladiolus cv. Forta Rosa under Different Environmental Condition

Shivani Singh and Santosh kumar

Keywords: Gladiolus, Gladiolus grandiflorus, spike length, rachis length, florets per spike, vase life

Article CS092048031 • PDF

Research Article

­­­Supported Imidazolium Based Ionic Liquid as a Green, Highly Effective and Reusable Catalyst for Microwave Assisted Knoevenagel Condensation

Priyanka Rajoriya and Ashu Rani

Keywords: Imidazolium hloride, Direct alkylation, Knoevenagel Condensation, Impregnation method, CFA

Article CS242048031 • PDF

Research Article

­­­Soil Properties and Economics Influenced by Different Varieties of Clusterbean [Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba (L.) Taub.] Along with Different Biofertilizers

Anupama, J. R. Vadodaria, and P. K. Bola

Keywords: Cluster bean, Economics, Varieties, Bio-fertilizers

Article CS262048031 • PDF

Research Article

Developmental Response of Callosobruchus Maculatus F. and C. Chinensis L. on Different Pulse Host-Grains

T. Divya Bharathi, P.V. Krishnayya, and T. Madhumathi

Keywords: C. maculatus, C. chinensis, greengram, blackgram, bengalgram, redgram, cowpea, pea, soybean and pillipesara.

Article CS282048033 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of Ageing, Moisture Contents and Storage Structures on Nutritional and Cooking Characteristics of Brown Rice during Storage

Ankit Kumar, Shraddha Bhople, Nitin Kumar, and V. K. Tiwari

Keywords: Brown rice, storage structures, ageing, moisture contents, nutritional and cooking quality characteristics

Article CS282048036 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of Biofertilizers in Conjunction with Chemical Fertilizers on Growth Behavior and Profitability of Field Pea (Pisum Sativum L.) Grown In Western Plains of Haryana

Sarita Rani, Parveen Kumar and Anil Kumar Yadav

Keywords: Biofertilizers, Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR), Phosphate solubilizing bacteria (PSB), Productivity, Field Pea

Article CS302048031 • PDF

Research Article

Impact of Nitrogen and Vermicompost Interaction on Photosynthetic Efficiency Parameters of Kinnow Mandarin in Jhalawar District

Pawan Kumar Pareek, P. Bhatnagar, P. K. Bola and Susheel Kumar

Keywords: Kinnow, Nitrogen, Vermicompost, Photosynthesis

Article CS282048031 • PDF

Research Article

Standardization of Pre-Harvest Chemicals Suitable for Bitter Gourd (Momordica Charantia L.) Growth and Yield

Rajasekar Manivelu and Swaminathan Venkatesan

Keywords: Bitter gourd, Hybrids, Cultivars, Pre harvest Chemicals, Yield

Article CS012048041 • PDF

Research Article

Influence of Pre-harvest spray of Calcium nitrate, Boric acid and Zinc sulphate on Quality and Storage life of Nagpur mandarin (Citrus reticulata Blanco)

Manish Kumar Meena, M.C. Jain, Jitendra Singh and Ramkishan bairwa

Keywords: Boric acid, Calcium nitrate, Pre-harvest spray, Quality, Storage and Zinc sulphate

Article CS042048042 • PDF

Research Article

Response of Different Levels of N P K and FYM on Soil Health and Yield of Okra (Abelmoschus Esculentus L.) Var. Arka Anamika

Rajendra Ola, Arun Alfred David, Tarence Thomas, Satyapal Singh Baloda and Prabhoo Singh

Keywords: Soil nutrients, yield attributes, FYM, NPK and Okra

Article CS052048043 • PDF

Research Article

Dielectric Studies on PVA/PVP: GO Based Nanocomposite Polymer Films

SK. Shahenoor Basha, B. Ranjit Kumar, K. Veera Bhadra Reddy and M.C. Rao

Keywords: Graphene oxide, Solution cast technique, PVA/PVP blend polymers, Dielectric properties

Article CS102048041 • PDF

Research Article

Aeroponics Soilless Cultivation System for Vegetable Crops

P Gopinath, P. Irene Vethamoni and M. Gomathi

Keywords: Aeroponics, Vegetables, Soilless culture, Growing system

Article CS072048042 • PDF

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