1. How to make payments?
The payment options are given under ‘Fees and Payment’ section or contact the respective Editor or the Admin.

2. How long the review process takes place?
Our editors and reviewers are committed to provide a fast review process. In general, the peer-review process completes within 10-20 working days.

3. How to check the status of our manuscript?
Please contact the Managing Editor or Administrator (admin@chesci.com).

4. What is the impact factor of Chemical Science Review and Letters?
Chemical Science Review and Letters has received scientific journal impact factor of 6.748 for the year 2016. For more information please visit SJIF.

5. How to become the member of the journal? or How much is the membership fee? What are the benefits/responsibilities?
More details about the membership can be obtained from the Administrator.

6. How to send complaint on a plagiarism or send claim for research works?
Please contact the Editor at admin@chesci.com with sufficient evidence for your claims.