For Authors

Guidelines for Authors
The authors must prepare the manuscripts using the AP-Template. The authors are recommended to visit “Tools for Authors”.

1. Types of Contributions
Aufau Periodicals publishes full length Original Research Articles, Letters, and Reviews irrespective of the journals.

2. Manuscript Preparation and Submission
Authors are requested to prepare the manuscript at par with the Author Guidelines. An article with clear descriptions and quality figures shows the author(s)’ determination in publishing an high quality article. Generally, the manuscripts submitted to Aufau Periodicals have no page restrictions, though, 4 or 5 pages for Letters, 5-10 for full length research articles and 10–30 pages for Review articles are ideal for publication. All the manuscripts must be submitted in the form of ‘.doc’ (using Microsoft word) only. Other forms of the manuscripts will not be accepted for submission. Use standard fonts, e.g.Times New Roman, single column with single line space for all sections of the manuscript, unless otherwise mentioned. The authors should submit their manuscripts only via Online Submission System.

2.1 Title Page
The title of the manuscript should be brief and informative. Avoid using a more generalized caption. The title of the manuscript should be type in 14-font size, bold, in Times New Roman. Title page should include full names (First name and Last name) of the authors along with their affiliation. The corresponding author should be marked with asterisk (*) mark and be given contact details including email ID, phone number (and fax, if any).

2.2 Abstract
Abstract should give the overall results of the work in a concise manner. Do not list up the instruments used for the experiments, instead briefly mention about the results and applications. An ideal abstract should be written within 100–150 words.

2.3 Main Text
The main text of the manuscript starts with ‘Introduction’ followed by ‘Experimental’, and ‘Results and Discussions’. Complete experimental details should be given, if it’s a new experiment. Otherwise give references for the experiments or synthesis etc at appropriate places. The equations (both mathematical and chemical) must be sequentially numbered at the end of the line. The subtitles of each section should be in given bold face. Use standard units and abbreviations. Conclusions must be drawn out of the research work and should be given following ‘Results and Discussions’.

2.4 Tables and figures
All figures and tables should be included in the manuscript at appropriate places. Do not incorporate any text within the figure, unless otherwise necessary. Figures should be prepared with at least of 300 dpi resolution. At the time of publication, the author(s) may be asked for ‘jpg’ or ‘tiff’ format files of the figures. The tables should be prepared using ‘Table’ option in MS Word. Do not use spacebar or tab key to prepare tables.

2.5 References
References to the main text must be numbered in sequence and typed in square brackets in line with the text before any punctuation. For example, “….early report by Marsh [1]”. All the references should adhere to journal’s format given below.
Books: [1] P. C. Hiemenz, R. Rajagopalan, Colloid and Surface Chemistry, Marcel Dekker, New York, 1997, p290.
Book Compilations: [2] S. Kim (Ed.), Bioceramics, Chapter I, Surface Characterization of Apatite, Y. Enari, S. Baroth, M. Rossi, Blackwell publishers, New York, 2001, p123-421.
Journals: [3] I. Efimov, J. Basran, X. Sun, N. Chauhan, S. K. Chapman, C. G. Mowat, E. L. Raven, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2012, 1, 123.
Patents: [4] G. Hall, Methods for Drug Delivery, US Patent, 1989, 3478982.

2.6 Check List
For a brief verification of the documents prior to submission, a check list is given below. Please check whether your submission contain all the informations requested below.
The following three documents are required for any successful manuscript submission.
(1) Cover Letter
(2) Main Manuscript – contains the text along with the figures and tables placed at appropriate places
(3) List of Reviewers – at least 3 potential reviewers’ full names, affiliations, and email ids must be submitted.

3. Review Process
A submitted article is assigned to a suitable Editor by the journal, depending on the subject area and availability of the Editors. Then the editor assigns 3 to 5 reviewers for the manuscript. The review process takes place for 15 working days. If the authors fail to give the list of suitable reviewers, the review process may exceed more than 15 days. Meanwhile, it should be noted that the Editor may or may not use the list of reviewers provided by the authors.

3.1 Revision and Acceptance
Depending upon the comments of the reviewers, the manuscript is sent for revision. The revised manuscript should be submitted within the specified period. The manuscripts with flaws and plagiarisms will be rejected. An accepted article directly goes for publication. The authors may be contacted frequently by the publishing or proof reading team for corrections or formatting of the manuscript, if any. The Editor/Admins reserve the rights to either accept or reject the manuscripts.

3.2 Resubmissions
In case of insufficient work or delayed submission of revised manuscript, the authors will be requested to resubmit the article as a new submission. Resubmission of the any article does not guarantee for its publication.

3.2 Retraction of a Published Article
An published article will be retracted if plagiarism or any conflict of interest is found after its official publication. For more information, read ‘Terms & Conditions’.