Aim and Scope


Chemical Science Review and Letters (ISSN 2278-6783) is an international chemistry journal that publishes interdisciplinary research related to chemistry/chemical science. This e-international chemistry journal aims at rapid publication of quality chemistry research and review articles. The journal is devoted to short communications/letters, full-length research articles, as well as review articles in the fundamental and applied research areas related to chemical, materials science, and engineering. The journal welcomes manuscripts related the below mentioned areas. The journal also publishes articles from selected international conferences, symposia, and scientific meetings.


The scope of the journal includes, but not limited to, the following research areas.

  • Chemical Sciences – Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Coordination chemistry, Corrosion science, Electrochemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical chemistry, Theoretical chemistry, Textile chemistry, Biomaterials, Crystal growth, Engineering chemistry, Energy science, Fuel Cells, Solar Cells, Renewable Energy Systems, Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering, Inorganic Chemistry, Materials Science, Materials Chemistry, Nanomaterials, Natural product, Plant extracts, Phytochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Polymer Science, Polymer Engineering, Techniques-Analytical Chemistry, Computational chemistry / neural networks / Fuzzy logic / other computations, Water engineering and science and so on.
  • Agricultural Sciences / Engineering – Agricultural chemistry, Botony, Entomology, Vegetable science, Plant pathology, plant genetics, breeding, agricultural meteorology,  food technology, foods and nutrition, soil sciences, horticulture, health sciences, seed science and technology, forestry and natural resources, molecular biology, biotechnology, bioinformatics, aquaculture, fisheries science and technology, natural products from plants.

The authors can submit articles that deal with all main, sub, and allied disciplines of chemistry.