About the Journal

Acta Engineering International is an international engineering journal that publishes interdisciplinary research related to all the fields of Engineering. This e-journal is a flagship International Engineering Journal of Aufau Periodicals since its foundation in the year 2013. As a peer-reviewed international engineering journal, it aims at rapid publication of quality engineering research articles, review articles and short communications or letters. The journal also publishes articles from selected international conferences, symposia, and scientific meetings. The journal has a calculated impact factor of 0.25. Since 2014, the journal’s name has been changed to Acta Engineering International from Acta Engineering.

Periodicity: The journal publishes 1 volume (4 issues) per year. Months: Since 2014, complete issues will be available on March, June, September, December. Accepted articles appear online at the end of every month.

Readership: Researchers working in various disciplines of engineering and technology.

Scope: The scope of the journal includes, but not limited to, the following research areas.

• Astronautical Science and Technology
• Agricultural Engineering
• Architecture and Civil Engineering
• Bioengineering
• Biomedical Engineering
• Chemical Engineering and Technology
• Communication and Transportation Engineering
• Computer Science and Technology
• Electrical and Electronic Engineering
• Engineering Education
• Engineering Management
• Environmental Science and Engineering• Fisheries Engineering and Technology
• Food Science and Engineering
• Forestry Engineering
• Geotechnical and Geological Engineering
• Hydraulic Engineering
• Information and Communication Engineering
• Instrument Science and Technology
• Materials Science and Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering• Mechanics
• Metallurgical Engineering
• Nuclear Energy Science and Engineering
• Oil and Natural Gas Engineering
• Optical Engineering
• Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics
• Surveying and Mapping
• Systems and Control Engineering
• Textile Science and Engineering
• Light Industry Technology and Engineering