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Issue 4

Volume 1, Issue 4, 2012

Table of Contents

Research Article

Synthesis, Spectroscopic Characterization and Biological Evaluation Studies of Mixed ligand Schiff base with Metal (II) Complexes Derived from o-phenylenediamine

Ekamparam Akila, Markandan Usharani, Sampath Vimala, and Rangappan Rajavel

Keywords: Schiff base mixed ligand, salicylaldehyde, o-phenylenediamine, benzaldehyde,antibacterial, antioxidant.

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Research Article
Effect of Green Inhibitors on Acid Corrosion of AISI 1022 Steel

Vivekananthan Shanmuga Sundaram, Sakunthala Pitchai, Kesavan Devarayan, Gopiraman Mayakrishnan, Alexramani Vincent, and Sulochana Nagarajan
Keywords: Corrosion, Inhibition, Green Inhibitors, Millingtonia hotensis, Cleome chelidonii, Steel
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Research Article

A Study on Speciation and Coordination Tendency of Glutamic Acid and Uracil for Ternary Complexation towards Some Toxic Metal Ions
Divya Bartaria, Pallavi Chandra, and V. Krishna
Keywords: Glutamic Acid, SCOGS, Stability Constants, Ternary Coordination Complexes
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Research Article

Water Quality Status of Denkada Anicut in Vizianagaram District of Andra Pradesh

G V S R Pavan Kumar, K Narayana Rao, B Sreerama Murty
Keywords: Dams, Denkada Anicut, Water Quality, Physico-Chemical Characters
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Research Article
Coordination Modes of a New Mannich Base N-[Phenyl(pyrrolidin-1-yl)methyl]acetamide and its Metal Complexes with ZnII, CdII and HgII Ions: Synthesis, Spectroscopic and Antimicrobial Studies
L. Muruganandam, K. Balasubramanian, K. Krishnakumar and G. Venkatesa Prabhu
Keywords: Therapeutic, Splitting, Downfield, Tetragonal, Distorted, Bidentate
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Review Article
A Mini Review on Minimization Options for Hazardous Compounds in Pharmaceutical Waste
Padmavathi P, Jyotsna Cherukuri

Keywords: Sewage Treatment Plant; Pharmaceuticals, Hazardous Waste Management
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Research Article
A Review on Polymer Nanocomposites: Monometallic and Bimetallic Nanoparticles for Biomedical, Optical and Engineering Applications

P. RangaReddy, K. MohanaRaju, N. SubbaramiReddy
Keywords: Polymer, Monometallic, Bimetallic, Nanocomposite, Preparation, Characterization

Article CS282043041 • PDF
Research Article
Density and Viscosity Studies of Fructose Solutions in Water and in aqueous NaCl, NaBr, KCl and KBr Solutions
Kailas H. Kapadnis and Apoorva P. Hiray
Keywords: Viscosity, density, fructose, Jones-Dole equation
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Research Article
Removal of Fe (II) from Aqueous Solution and Waste Water by Prosopis Juliflora Leaf Powder by Adsorption
Sureshkumar Halnor and Milind Ubale
Keywords: Adsorption, Low cost material, Prosopis Juliflora, Freundlich and Langmuir isotherms.
Article CS01204305 • PDF

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