Issue 30

Volume 8, Issue 30, 2019 (April – June)

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Articles in Press

Research Article

Effect of reduction of silver ion on electrical modulus of solid polymer electrolyte based on chitosan-silver triflate electrolyte membrane

Soran Kamal, Sleman Qadir

Keywords: silver, electrical modulus, polymer, electrolyte

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Research Article

Impact of Ash Pond on the Groundwater Quality in the Vicinity of a Coal –Based Thermal Power Plant

Padmavathi Jyotsna Cherukuri M.Anji Reddy

Keywords: Thermal power plant, ash pond, water bodies, contaminants, ground water quality

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Research Article

Effect of Enzymatic Treatment and Ripening Stages on Physico-Chemical Parameters of Clarified Banana Juices A.R. Tapre, R.K. Jain and A.S. Kulkarni

Keywords: Banana pulp, ripening stages, enzymatic clarification, clarified juice

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Research Article

Interactive Effect of Integrated Nutrient Management and Bio-regulators on Yield and Economics Attributes of Sprouting Broccoli {Brassica oleracea (L.) var. italica Plenck}

Arjun Lal Ola, L. N. Bairwa and O.P.Garhwal

Keywords: Bio-regulators, Interactive, Yield, Organic, Inorganic, Vermicompost and Sprouting broccoli.

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Research Article

Determination of Seed germination and Seedling growth of Local and Exotic Rice Varieties with different water Avinash Sharma, Sheelawati Monlai, V. S. Devadas, Boppa Linggi, Anchali Yao and Azizul Haque

Keywords: Rice, Water, Germination, Seedling growth

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Research Article

Effect of Konkan Annapurna Briquettes and organic manures on growth and yield of sweet potato

Anuradha Harmalkar, S.B.Dodake, M.C.Kasture

Keywords: Konkan Annapurna Briquettes, organic manures, growth, yield

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Research Article

Effect of inoculations of Rhizobium leguminosarum on germination and yield of Field Pea (Pisum sativum under temperate conditions of Kashmir

Khurshid A. Sofi, M. H. Chesti, Q.J.A.Peer and Tariq Aziz

Keywords: Pea, Rhizobium leguminosarum, yield and germination

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Review Article

Advances in Breeding Techniques of Bulbous ornamental Crops

Neha Dogra and K K Dhatt

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Review Article

Effect of Extrusion Cooking on Textural Properties of Extrudates- A Review

Nidhi Khanna , Mohan Singh and Priti Jain

Keywords: Extrusion cooking, Feed parameters, Operational parameters, textural properties.

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Review Article

Malnutrition and Stunting among School-Going Children in the Perspective of Socio-Economic Disparity in Punjab, India

Sukhdeep Kaur, Kiran Bains and Harpreet Kaur

Keywords: Nutrition, Health, Income, Education, Caste, Religion

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Research Article

Traditional ready-to-use mix for the food basket of calamity stranded evacuees – Analysis of sensory, nutritional and storage parameters

Pushpa Dhami, Kiran Bains and Harpreet Kaur

Keywords: sandah guri, ready-to-use, protein, disaster, evacuees

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