Issue 32

Volume 8, Issue 32, 2019 (October – December) (Current Issue)

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Research Article

Chemical Synthesis and Characterization of Selenium Nanoparticles

D.P. Patil, M. Usharani, A.G. Gopala Reddy, B. Kalakumar, G.K. Sawale and K. Vanitha

Keywords: Nanoparticles, Selenium, glutathione, synthesis, characterization.

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Research Article

Synthesis of Triarylpyridine Derivatives using Nano ZnO

Satheesh Ampolu , Usha Hanumantu

Keywords: 2,4,6-Triarylpyridines,Nano Zinc Oxide, Chalcone, Acetophenone and Ammonium acetate.

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Research Article

Identification of Secondary Metabolites from Finger Millet Parts Infected with Magnaporthe grisea by GC-MS Analysis

Shanmugapackiam, P. Murali Sankar, S. Irulandi and T. Raguchander

Keywords: Finger millet, Blast disease, Magnaporthe grisea, Toxic Compounds, GC-MS

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Research Article

Effect of Herbal Edible Coatings on Quality Characteristics of Guava Stored Under Ambient Conditions

Monika Sood, Neeraj Gupta and Julie D. Bandral

Keywords: Guava, aloe vera, edible coatings, acidity, sensory parameters

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Research Article

Effect of Liquid Biofertilizers on Growth and Yield of Rabi Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L.)

Sandya Rani, P. Satish, C. Sudha Rani and C. Sudhakar

Keywords: Biofertilizers; Economics; Rabi Sorghum and Yield

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Research Article

Effect of Different Levels of NPK Fertilizer on Potato Tuber Yield in South Eastern Rajasthan

B.L. Nagar, D.L.Yadav

Keywords: NPK, Potato, Tuber yield, B:C ratio and Kufripushkar

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Research Article

Pretilachlor and Oxadiargyl Residues in Surface and Ground Water in Rice Cultivated Areas in Peninsular India

T Ramprakash and M Madhavi

Keywords: Pretilachlor, oxadiargyl, herbicide, residues, irrigation water

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Research Article

Precocious Flowering and Dwarf NRCL-29-A New Genetic Stock of Litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn.)

Narayan Lal, Awtar Singh , AK Gupta , ES Marboh, Abhay Kumar and Vishal Nath

Keywords: Genetic stock, Dwarf, Precocious flowering, Panicle, Anthocyanin

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Research Article

Recipes for Production of Litchi Squash and Storage Behavior at Different Conditions

S. K. Purbey and Alemwati Pongener

Key words: Ascorbic acid, Juice, litchi, squash, storage

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Research Article

Effect of Dehydration on Quality of Bottle Gourd Shreds

Hiral A. Patel and R. R. Gajera

Keywords: Bottle gourd, Steam blanching, Dehydration, Air velocity, Quality characteristics

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Research Article

Evaluation of cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) clones under natural rainfed conditions for drought tolerance

Janani, P, N. Kumar and V. Jegadeeswari

Keywords: Cocoa, water stress, morphological, physiological and biochemical parameters

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Review Article

Potentialities of Antioxidants in Tropical Fruit Crops

Thirumalaiselvi, M. Elavarasan, and R. Prathana

Keywords: Potentialities, antioxidants and tropical fruit crops.

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Research Article

Genotypic variability for protein, phytic acid and mineral contents of grain and yield contributing traits in advanced breeding lines of bread wheat

Ghaywat G. T., D.A.Gadekar, S.R.Shinde, A.B.Gosavi and A.P.Padhye

Keywords: Bread wheat, Variability, phytic acid, protein, Zn and Fe

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Research Article

Enhancing vase life of Nephrolepis exaltata by different holding solutions

Biswajit Karmakar, Suhrita Chakrabarty,Abid Hayat and Swarnayu Bagchi

Keywords: Nephrolepis, storage, GA 3, NAA, Sucrose, Alluminium sulphate, vase life, holding solution.

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Research Article

Evaluation of Long-Day Garlic (Allium sativum L.) Ecotypes for Growth, Yield, and Quality Performance

Raj Narayan, Arun Kishor, Mukesh S. Mer, Ravindra Kumar Singh and Vivek Kumar Tiwari

Keywords: Characters, Bulb yield, Garlic, Genotype, Quality.

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Research Article

The Fate and Behaviour of Acetochlor 90% Emulsifiable Concentrate in Water Maintained at Different pH and Soils of Different Agro-Climatic Zones in India Under Laboratory Condition

Sayan Ghosh,Arijita Bhattacharyya, Sambrita Majumder, Bappa Ghosh,Sankhajit Roy, Anjan Bhattacharyya

Keywords: Acetochlor, residue, water, pH, soil, GC-ECD, half-life.

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Articles in Press

Research Article

Role of Ergonomics in Assessing the Performance of the Agricultural Operators for Safe Agriculture

Vishnu Ji Awasthi, Manpreet Singh, Rajesh Goel, Arshdeep Singh, Rajat Mishra, Rahul Chaudhary, Dilwar Singh Parihar, Inderpal Singh, Devesh Kumar, Mirtunjay Pandey, Dhiraj Kumar, Vijeta Singh

Keywords: Ergonomics, BMR, VO2max, pulse rate, energy expenditure rate, oxygen consumption rate

Article CSCS022050101 • PDF

Research Article

Effectiveness of Cempedak Stem Bark as Electric Mosquito Repellent Towards Aedes Aegypti Mosquito

Nur Halimah, Siti Hajar, Ratih Pratiwi, and Nurfajriani

Keywords: mat, extraction, flavonoid, cempedak stem bark, DBD

Article CS2820501002 • PDF

Research Article

Effect of bee attractants on foraging activities of rock bees Apis dorsata in Bitter gourd (Momordica charantia L.)

R. Manchare, S. R. Kulkarni and S. M. Jare

Keywords: Bitter gourd, bee attractants, honey solution 10 %, jaggary solution 10 %, molasses solution 10 %, A. dorsata.

Article CS302050081 • PDF

Research Article

Causes of Agro-Ecological Crises Related to Rainfall and Groundwater Faced by Farmers of Dryland Agro-Ecosystem: A Critical Analysis
Sanjay Kumar Gupta and D. U. M. Rao
Keywords: Agro-ecological crises, Dryland agro-ecosystem, Critical analysis, Rainfall and Groundwater
Article CS092049121 • PDF