Issue 29

Volume 8, Issue 29, 2019 (January – March)

Research Article

Aminomethylation, Structure and Biological activity of the new Mannich base and its Transition metal Complexes Derived from Isoindole -1, 3 (2H ) – dione

Keywords : Mannich base, Phthalimide, transition metal complex, and anbacterial activity

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Research Article 

Effect of different Media, pH and Temperature on growth and sclerotia formation of Sclerotium rolfsii Sacc. causing Collar rot of Lentil

Shiva Kant Kushwaha, Sanjeev Kumar, Balkishan Chaudhary and Ravit Sahu

Keywords: Media, pH, temperature, S. rolfsii, Collar rot, Lentil

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Research Article

Variation of Bulk and Basic Density Among Two Thornless Bamboos Across Agroclimatic Regions In Tamil Nadu, India

N.Krishnakumar, S.Umesh Kanna and K.T.Parthiban

Keywords: Bulk density; Basic density; Thornless bamboos; Agroclimatic regions; Bambusa bambos

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Research Article

Litter Decomposition and Nutrient Dynamics under variable soil substrates in Populus deltoides Agroforestry System in the Tarai tract of Uttar Pradesh

Parul Sundha , Poonam Gangola, Rama Pal, Priyanka Chandra and Uma Melkania

Keywords: Litterfall, Nutrient dynamics, Agrisilviculture system, Climatic variables, Agrichar

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Resaerch Article

Development and evaluation of cereal based sweet products using bael(Aegle marmelos) and stevia

Amarjeet Kaur, Anita Kochhar, Savita Sharma, M. Javed

Keywords: bael, stevia, chronic diseases, seviyan, dalia

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Research Article

Effect of integrated nutrient management on soil physical properties using Soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merill) as indicator crop under temperate conditions

Aziz M.A, Tahmina Mushtaq, Mushtaq Ahmad, Eajaz Ahmad Dar, S S Mahdi, A M I Qureshi, I A Jahangir

Keywords: INM, Inorganic fertilizers, Organic manures, Soil properties, Soybean

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Review Article

Cumin: The Flavour of Indian Cuisines-History, Cultivation and Uses

Eajaz Ahmad Dar, M Mehdi, Mushtaq Ahmad, Faisal Nabi Bhat, Nazeer Hussain, Mansoor Hussain, Mohammad Amin Bhat, Nuzhat Hassan, Fayaz Ahmad Bahar

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Research Article

Genetic Divergence Study in Chilli (Capsicum Annuum L.) Genotypes under Garhwal hills of Himalaya

Manoj Kumar Bundela, Hiregoudar H R, Kulveer Singh and S.C. Pant

Keywords: Capsicum annuum, Chilli, statistic, clustering, genetic divergence.

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Research Article

Productivity and economic assessment of fodder and Pigeon Pea (Cajanus cajan) intercropping system under upland situation of Jharkhand

Birendra Kumar, Chandan Bharti, Sanjay Kumar, Sheela Barla and D.K. Chaudhary

Keywords: Pigeon Pea, Cereal fodder, Legume fodder, Paired row, Inter cropped fodder Productivity and Economic

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Review Article

Fermented Quinoa Based South Indian snack Items

P.Prathyusha, B. Anila Kumari, K. Uma Maheswari, W. Jessie Suneetha and K.B. Suneetha Devi

Keywords: Fermented quinoa, Snacks, Murukulu, Foxtail laddu and guntapunugulu.

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