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Fees and Payment

Article Processing Fee

Aufau Periodicals is one of the most economical publisher, which provides and maintains the highest possible quality of the articles. To continue our cost-effective, Open Access service, the authors are requested to submit articles at par with the “Authors’ Guidelines”.

There is no subscription charges to the authors.

There is no other publication fee or charges.

Also the authors dont need to be a member to publish articles.

Since all the articles published by Chemical Science Review and Letters are open access (open to public), the authors are requested to pay a standard minimal processing fee as given below. The processing fee is not applicable for invited review articles.

Chemical Science Review and Letters (NAAS Score 5.21)
Rs.300 or US$7 per page (upto 10 pages).
Above 10 pages – Rs.250/- or US$5/- per page. 

Note: A page here is described as the page of the original submitted manuscript with contents formatted using Times New Roman, Font Size: 12 pt, Line space: 1 pt, Margin: 1 inch all sides.


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